Sleep paralysis is a common nighttime occurrence for many around the world. But what really is it and how is it triggered? And why do some of us feel as if someone is standing over us while we sleep?  It’s a terrifying ordeal but there are ways to prevent sleep paralysis and methods for managing the fear if it does hit. In this episode of Sleep Matters by Dreams, Dr. Pixie Mckenna’s guest panel includes a sleep psychologist and long-time sufferer of this terrifying condition.

Join Pixie as she chats with Jessica Barratt, a journalist who has suffered from sleep paralysis for 21 years. Also joining the conversation is Hope Bastine, a sleep psychologist with a specific interest in the condition. Hope gives insight into how the misinterpretation of light and noise can be a key factor in causing sleep paralysis while Jessica gives us the lowdown on how she’s finally gone 6 months free from this terrifying ordeal!

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What’s covered in this sleep paralysis podcast?

  • Why it occurs
  • How to prevent it
  • How to ease the symptoms while it’s happening
  • Why children are likely to suffer from sleep paralysis
  •  The importance of bedtime routines for prevention
  • How guest panelist Jessica Barratt has now gone six months free

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