The Sleep Matters Audio Series

Welcome to the Sleep Matters Audio Series from Dreams – a sleep audio series which gives you everything you need to know about how to get a great night’s sleep and why it matters so much.

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What Do Dreams Mean?

In this episode, Dr Pixie Mckenna is joined by Dr Neil Stanley who has studied dreams for 37 years and Rose Gallagher, a beauty blogger and makeup artist to discuss why we dream, what they mean,...
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29 minutes

Does Winter Affect Our Sleep?

In this episode of the Sleep Matters Audio Series by Dreams, Dr. Pixie Mckenna speaks with Dr. Khaled Sadek, a GP with a long history of research into sleep health. Also joining the panel is Caroline...
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25 minutes

How Can I Stop Snoring?

If you or your partner snore, you’ll no doubt know what a pest it can be. Whether you’re the one tired and suffering with a sore throat come morning, or the one kept up all night...
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20 minutes

Will Exercising Help Me Sleep?

Williams, a personal trainer and writer for NetDoctor, brings the expert viewpoint while Deering, comedian and host of a running podcast, adds his experiences of how exercise affects sleep.  Expect plenty of chatter around the best...
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24 minutes

Does Alcohol Affect How We Sleep?

In this episode of the Sleep Matters Audio Series from Dreams, Dr Pixie McKenna and guests discuss the impact of alcohol on sleep and how giving up drinking can make a huge difference for the quality...
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28 minutes

Can Bedroom Design Help You Sleep Better?

In this episode, Dr Pixie is joined by Dee Campling, an interior designer who specialises in bedroom design and how it affects our sleep and Sammy Margo, a physiotherapist who has a specific interest in how...
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28 minutes

How Can You Sleep When You’re Stressed?

In this episode, Dr Pixie McKenna talks to Professor Marc Jones from Manchester Metropolitan University who is an expert in understanding the causes, controls and consequences of stress and emotion, and Graham Allcott, an expert on how...
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30 minutes

Does Eating Late Keep You Awake?

In this Sleep Matters Audio Series episode, Dr Pixie McKenna chats to award-winning nutritional therapist Christine Bailey and expert in nutritional medicine, Alan Flanagan. They discuss how nutrition can help or hinder a good night’s sleep...
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28 minutes

Is Your Daily Routine Harming Your Sleep?

In this episode of the Sleep Matters Audio Series from Dreams, sleep expert Dr Pixie McKenna and guest panel discuss how important your daily routine is and how it can affect your sleep. Issy Panayis, an...
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35 minutes

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About Our Expert

Hosted by our sleep expert Dr Pixie McKenna, our sleep audio series dives into common sleep problems, queries and discussion points and answers your questions with the help of some excellent guests.

Even the best podcasts to help you sleep are only a short-term fix. They don’t actually identify the key reason why you’re struggling to sleep in the first place.

The Sleep Matters Audio Series looks at a variety of bedtime issues such as insomnia, nightly routines, diet, the best sleep podcasts and much more, to provide you with insights, recommendations and expert opinion to help you drift off to sleep night after night.

Listen to the full 16-part series on Spotify, iTunes, Audioboom or Watch on Youtube.