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The storage beds buying guide

Last updated: April 2024

Ealing ottoman

For all bedrooms, big and small, extra storage space is something we all value. We have a wide range of space-saving storage beds that are not only practical but are a great addition to your home. These beds offer easy access that’s discreet so you can tidy away any clutter in a flash. This storage bed guide will introduce different types and styles of space-saving storage beds and what you should consider when purchasing.

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What’s the best storage bed for you?

As there are several different types of storage beds, we think it’s worth taking the time to browse through what’s available and discover what style is best suited to your needs. Your choice will depend on how much space you’ve got to work with, how many belongings you wish to store away, and your budget and interior style. The storage bed you select should live up to all your expectations. Which storage bed is the best for you will also depend on the room you’re looking for, these beds are suitable for any room from master bedrooms to multi-purpose rooms. Below are the types of bed frame with storage you can find with us, and a little bit about them:

ottoman beds

Ottoman beds

Ottomans offer ample storage space and are available as bed frames or divan bed bases. An ottoman lifts up from the base to reveal a hollow interior that is normally the full size of the mattress. You can store everything from out-of-season clothing and nightwear to books and spare bedding. Our ottoman beds come in either foot-end lifting or side lifting designs. Easy to use and secure, they keep your belongings out of sight and dust-free. Ottomans are great for small bedrooms as they open vertically and not out from the sides as drawers do. They come in a range of designs, mostly upholstered and can be either manual or remote-controlled.

For more information about ottoman beds, view our ottoman bed guide.

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sofa image

Sofa beds with storage

As sofa beds are mainly used for when guests come over to stay, having some storage can be really handy. You can keep bedding inside it or offer some space for your guests to store their overnight items.

Storage can vary depending on which type of sofa bed you choose. Most of our sofa beds with storage contain pull-out drawers from underneath, which are ideal for storing bed linen.

A storage sofa bed is a great option if the room where you’re placing it isn’t often used for guests. When not in use as a bed, you'll have a comfortable seating area that’s easy to turn into a bed when needed. When looking at sofa beds with storage, be sure to measure up for when the bed is in use and not just the sofa dimensions.

For more information check out our sofa bed buying guide.

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Divan bed bases

A divan bed base is a solid frame that typically has storage in the form of drawers (though the drawers are optional). You can often choose the number of drawers in your divan bed base, and the sides that they are on, which makes them a flexible choice if your room size or space is awkward.

With this type of storage bed frame, you can choose between 1-4 drawers depending on how much space you need, and the placement of the drawers so that they are easily accessible to open. For example, choosing to have two drawers, located at the bottom end of your bed, will make it easier to access without having to move any bedside tables or other storage units near your headboard. We also have divan bed bases with ottoman storage if you're fitting your bed into a smaller space and don't have any room to pull drawers out.

For more information about divan bed bases, view our divan bed guide.

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Types of storage available in beds

There’s a huge variety of different storage methods available to maximise space in your bedroom. From storage beds fitted with hidden compartments to manage clutter, to lift-up ottoman compartments and pull-out drawers, and even kids’ beds offering storage, we’ve got great storage ideas for every bedroom.



Ottoman divan beds are a great storage solution if you’re tight on space. An ottoman bed lifts up from either the bottom or side of the base, giving you the space beneath your mattress to use as storage.

At a glance, the pros of ottoman storage include the amount of storage space, as you have the whole under-bed area, which makes ottomans great for storing larger items. The mechanism also makes lifting the mattress and platform easy. On the other hand, these beds are not ideal if you want to access the storage every day.



There are many different drawer options for beds. You can either have 1 drawer, 2 drawers or 4 drawers. There are also choices of a set of 2+2 continental drawers or sliding drawers available for divan bed bases.

The benefits of a bed with drawers are that they offer flexibility in the storage you choose, as you decide on the number of drawers and where they’re placed, so you can ensure you get the best storage for your space. Also, drawers are easy to access and a great option if you need to use the items in the drawer on a daily basis. On the other hand, the main disadvantage is that the drawers don't utilise the maximum amount of space under the bed, so the amount of storage is limited, even if you choose the maximum amount of drawers.

shelves and compartments

Shelves & compartments

This storage type is more common in kids' beds. Having different shelves and compartments means there's plenty of storage space with easy access for kids to store their belongings.

Overall, the benefits of shelves and compartments are the flexibility of the storage, so you have plenty of options when it comes to meeting your child's needs. These storage options are also easy for children to reach and they can arrange their items themselves. However, although there can be lots of shelves and compartments, the storage space is limited here. If you need to store large items, shelves and compartments won’t provide the space you need.

Storage beds for kids

Children’s bedrooms are notoriously messy places, often overflowing with toys and teddies, so anything that helps to save space and keep things tidy is a boon for parents. We have a wide variety of different storage beds for kids which offers something to suit every child’s bedroom. Older children and teenagers may be happy with a divan bed base or ottoman storage bed for their room, but smaller children may benefit from a storage bed that’s specifically designed for them.

Mid sleepers

Mid sleepers and cabin beds

Cabin beds are for kids and are simply elevated beds with multifunctional space underneath. Available with wardrobes or shelves, drawers, desk space, seating, or a combination, cabin beds are ideal for helping to keep your child’s room tidy.

Our range of mid sleepers are built at mid-height with a top bunk sleeping area and space underneath that can also be used as a desk space, storage solution, or play area. Mid sleepers are lower to the ground than bunk beds and high sleepers, with a shorter staircase or ladder to the top sleeping area.

More popular with younger children up to the pre-teen age, these beds are also great for freeing up floor space and maximising the storage space for all their toys and belongings.

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high sleeper

High sleeper beds

Appropriately named, high sleepers are tall with a top bunk sleeping area. High sleepers are also sometimes referred to as loft beds due to their height. They’re great for freeing up floor space in kids’ bedrooms as they are narrow and compact.

High sleepers are a particularly popular storage bed with pre-teens and teenagers as the designs are generally more grown-up looking.

Some of these beds have a study area underneath the top bunk. This storage space can also be used to slot in furniture like a wardrobe or chest of drawers.

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For more information, see our high sleeper and mid sleeper guide. If you’re looking for more space saving beds for your children’s room, check out our guides on Space Saving Bed Ideas for Kids and Storage Ideas for Kids’ Bedrooms.

Things to consider with storage beds

Before you buy a storage bed, we suggest looking at the following points to help you make the right decision:

How much you need to store: Think about what you want to pack away. Are the items large and bulky, or is it general clutter? Ottomans are the best storage bed option if you want to store bedding, suitcases or other large items, whereas if you just want to tidy up knick-knacks, a divan bed base with drawers is better.

The space available: When measuring for storage beds, be sure to think about any parts that need room to be accessed. This isn’t usually a problem with ottoman storage, but for drawers check you have the space for these to fully slide out, and for sofa beds check you have the room for the sofa to become a bed too.

Measure up for additional design features: Ottomans and divans tend to come as a bed base, so if you want a headboard or footboard, make sure you think about these additions when measuring for your bed.