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Our 100-Night Comfort Guarantee

We really hope you love your new mattress. In the unlikely event that you don’t get on with it, we’re happy to offer you an exchange to make sure you find a mattress that’s perfect for you.

What if I decide my mattress isn’t right for me?

If you find your original purchase isn’t the right comfort level for you, we offer our Comfort Guarantee, which allows you to replace the mattress with one that suits you better.

It’s important to understand that some mattress settlement is completely natural. You probably sleep in the same position every night and it’s normal for your mattress to adapt to the contours of your body. It’ll settle in pressure-point areas, which means the fillings are doing their job – supporting you where you need it most. As part of our 100-night Comfort Guarantee, if between 30 and 100 nights of use you’re not satisfied with the comfort of your mattress, we’ll exchange it for an alternative mattress.

Check out our mattress care guide for tips on how to keep your mattress in tip-top condition for as long as possible.

Comfort Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Our 100-night Comfort Guarantee covers any type of mattress on your original order, including adjustable, made-to-measure, Blue-cross and ex-display mattresses. It does not apply to bed frames, divans, adjustable or ottoman bases.

If at any time between 30 and 100 nights from the day of delivery (or collection from store) you inform us that your choice of mattress is proving uncomfortable, as long as You comply with the conditions set out below, we’ll exchange it, without quibble, for an alternative mattress.

If you select a more expensive mattress, any difference in price between the original mattress and the replacement mattress must be paid at the time of re-selection.

If you select a less expensive mattress, we will refund the difference in price in Dreams vouchers. These can be redeemed against future purchases in-store or via our helpful telesales team. The vouchers cannot be redeeemed against the £65 Comfort Guarantee delivery, collection or recycling charge.

The Comfort Guarantee is subject to the following conditions:

(a) We’re unable to process an exchange earlier than 30 nights from the day of delivery as it can take this long for your body to adjust to your new mattress and for the fillings to settle.

(b) The original or returning mattress must be kept in perfect condition, so we insist on the use of a mattress protector. We reserve the right to refuse an exchange if a mattress protector hasn’t been used or the product is marked or soiled.

(c) A collection and re-delivery charge of £65 will be applied to your exchange.

(d) Only one exchange under this Comfort Guarantee is available on each order.

How you can arrange an exchange

If you decide your new mattress isn’t suitable for you, we recommend you to visit your local store and take time to try out some alternative mattresses. While you’re in store, why not give our free Sleepmatch body-mapping service a go to help find your perfect mattress – it only takes 3 minutes! Once you’ve found a more suitable mattress, you’ll need to contact our Customer Service team with your order details and the name of the new mattress you’d like to exchange to.

Customer Services can be contacted via chat, email, or by phone. Our working hours are Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

When arranging your Comfort Guarantee exchange with our Customer Service team, please be ready to make a payment of £65 for the collection and re-delivery cost, plus any difference in price if the newer mattress is more expensive. Once this payment has been taken, the team will be able to arrange a convenient date for the exchange to take place.

What happens on the day of the exchange?

The mattress to be collected must remain in pristine condition for the Comfort Guarantee exchange to go ahead – please use a mattress protector from the time of first delivery.

The crew delivering your new mattress will also collect your current one. This means you won’t be without a mattress.