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Whether for style, storage or comfort, we have a huge range of beds to suit all requirements. From traditional wooden bed frames to TV and technology beds, you'll find the perfect style for a beautiful bedroom and a great night's sleep.

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Choose from a variety of bed types. From storage beds and space-saving bed frames to kids and guest beds - our range of frames is practical and functional to suit your every need.

Shop by bed style

We have a wide range of bed frames made out of materials to match your décor. Choose from a variety of bed frame styles from simple designs to ornate and crafted, such as the luxurious sleigh bed.

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How to choose the perfect bed?

There are numerous factors to consider when searching for your perfect bed frame. These include:

  • Your budget
  • The size of your bedroom and the intended space for the bed
  • The type of storage you need from your frame
  • The style and decor of your bedroom
  • Whether you want a bed base or a frame with a headboard and foot-end
For more information, read on or check out our in-depth guide on how to find the perfect bed.

Find a bed that’s within your budget

For those on a budget, divan beds are a great place to start. They’re generally one of the cheapest beds available. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean they lack quality craftsmanship. It’s just that their build is all about giving you maximum practicality.

Take our 5 star rated Dreams Workshop Divan, which starts at £100 for a single or just £180 for a king size.

For a little more style and luxury with a frame that doesn’t break your budget, wooden beds and metal bed frames are ideal. They come with headboards and modern, low-rise finishes, with prices starting as low as £149.

If budget is less of an concern, look to TV beds which are packed with modern functionality such as underbed lighting, USB charging ports, and smart TVs that are hidden away in the foot-end when out of use.

Finding the perfect size

Due to the differences in frame size and whether they come with a headboard or other styling, beds don’t have a standard size. Instead, they’re defined by the size of the mattress they take and then it’s up to you to check the individual product dimensions to make sure it’ll fit your space. However, for a general idea that’ll be close to the width and length of the frame, take a look at our guide to bed and mattress sizes.

How to get the right type of storage from your bed

The two key types of storage beds are divans and ottomans.

Divans offer easy access to the storage space via drawers built into the bed base, while ottomans use the entire space beneath the sleep surface – you simply need to lift the mattress.

But don’t worry, all our ottomans include a gas-lift mechanism which makes lifting the mattress incredibly easy. If maximising space is key, an ottoman bed is probably best, while, as mentioned earlier, divans are great for those on a budget.

And don’t forget, you can maximise space in bedrooms or guest spaces with multi-functional furniture such as sofa beds (some of which come with hidden storage compartments!) and day beds. You can also save space by opting for a frame you hide away when not in use, such as an air bed or folding beds.

Choosing the right style bed frame

Once you’ve decided on which type of bed frame is best suited to your needs, you’ll want to make sure you find the perfect style too. This generally comes down to preference, but rest assured in the knowledge that we provide everything from rustic wooden beds to opulent velvet bed frames. If you fancy something modern, easy to care for and quick to assemble, metal beds will do the trick and last a life-time too!

In every range, you can browse a variety of beds, from ornate and crafted to functional and ready to suit rooms on a budget. Be sure to consider your current décor and either match up your frame to the style or contrast if you fancy mixing it up a little. For more precise interior design rules, styling tips, and colour pairing ideas, head over to Inspire – our home for all things bedroom design.