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Beds & Bed Frames

For catching Zzzs, afternoon siestas, late-night cuddles, and unwinding - it's important that you love the bed you sleep in. We have many bed frames to choose from that'll help you find peace and comfort in your bedroom. There are practical storage beds, ever-so-stylish upholstered beds , cool tech beds, traditional wooden frames and more! You can even choose your new frame and spread the cost with interest-free finance. So, let us help you find a bed that you just can't wait to get into…

Shop by bed type

Choose from a variety of bed types. From storage beds and space-saving bed frames to kids and guest beds - our range of frames is practical and functional to suit your every need.

Shop by bed style

We have a wide range of bed frames made out of materials to match your décor. Choose from a variety of bed frame styles from simple designs to ornate and crafted, such as the luxurious sleigh bed.

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A bed is the heart of our bedroom. For sleeping (and snoring!), relaxing, snuggling, watching TV, and spending quality time with loved ones and little furry friends, we all need a comfy bed and a reliable frame. A strong frame will support our mattress and it will help you get maximum Zzzs. We have so many different beds and bed frames for sale. And we're here to help you choose one.

Bed frame sizes available to you

One of our most popular bed sizes is a double-sized bed. Measuring 4 foot 6 inches (135cm) wide and 6 foot 3 inches (190cm) long, they are perfect for the family master bedrooms, couples, and comfort.

For the space-savers and star-fishers amongst us, there are king-sized and super-king-sized bed frames. And for the space-savers, we have small doubles, singles and small single frames. These are great for little ones too. The best bed size for you very much depends on the size of your bedroom. So, whilst you're shopping, make sure you have a tape measure handy.

Bed types we know you'll love

There are many different types of beds and they all have their benefits. You can choose a functional frame or one with style, or even a mixture of both, you don’t need to compromise! Let us share with you some information about them all:

Storage Beds

One of the best ways to maximise space in a home is with a storage bed. After all, the space beneath your bed would be neglected otherwise. With an ottoman bed, you can lift the mattress from the bottom of the bed to reveal under-bed storage in abundance. And divan bed bases have drawers built within their base – perfect for spare bed sheets and towels.

TV & Tech Beds

If you love to get cosy in your bed and watch your favourite show or power up the latest game, then a TV tech bed is ideal. They have a television in the foot-end which is raised and lowered using a remote control. Some even come with storage, sound systems, and smart bed features – cool, right?

Kids' Beds

Inspire your little ones' love for sleep with our kid's beds. With comfort and safety, expect everything from cot beds to mid-sleepers to high sleepers and cabin beds for teens. And for big families who need extra space, there are bunk beds, space-saving beds for kids and storage beds for kids. From early years to adolescence, we've got a sleep space for every milestone.

Space Saving Guest Beds

For box rooms that regularly host friends and family, we have plenty of guest beds. There are day beds, folding beds, and air beds. Convenient and affordable - they all can be folded away when they are not in use. Day beds are a real treat, as they offer dual functionality with a seating area by day and a sleeping area by night.

Sofa Beds

Sofa beds are also perfect for guest bedrooms, as well as anyone looking to kit out a dual-purpose, open-plan space. Clearly, their ability to save space and double up as both seating area and bed is their greatest asset, but they offer more – style, colour, and storage. Our collection flourishes with sizes too - there are chair beds, two-seater sofa beds, three-seaters, and even corner sofa beds to choose from.

Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are great for those with mobility issues or disabilities. These frames are controlled by a set of buttons which bring the mattress up or down, so you don’t have to struggle to pull yourself up.

Beds for a better night's sleep

Our range of beds offers strength and durability – they'll firmly hold your mattress in place every night. They will help you recharge your batteries and put a spring in your step each morning. They also offer stylish designs, as you're probably going to want to match your base to your bedroom décor!

Wooden Frames

Wooden bed frames are sturdy and practical, they will support you throughout the night. They offer beautiful natural colours and finishes from pine to dark oak, to white wooden frames and more. You'll find modern and traditional styles – perfect to energise your space with a warm feel.

Metal Frames

Metal beds offer strength and style. Their durable exterior means they will last you for many years to come. You can choose from a simple frame design or an intricate design since metal can be moulded into just almost any shape. There are plenty of colours to choose from too, including white, black and brass frames. There are also a range of metal bed sizes to choose from with the single, double, king and super king metal frames.

Upholstered Beds

An upholstered bed adds a touch of style to your bedroom. Expertly crafted soft-touch fabrics such as velvet are available in a variety of colours including grey, black, silver, and more. Some of these frames offer storage too so you save on space.

Leather and Faux Leather Beds

Leather beds or faux leather add a luxuriously warm touch to your bedroom with sophisticated dark colours such as brown and black. Not only do they offer a stylish aesthetic, but practicality too as some of our collection feature under-bed storage space.

Sleigh Beds

Sleigh beds are named for their signature scrolled headboard and footboard. This creates a luxurious and sturdy frame for your bed and mattress, allowing your bed to really own its centrepiece status. These beds come in a variety of finishes such as wooden or upholstered styles, and some even come with a bonus perk of storage.

We know if you've made it this far down the page, you're probably in need of a little more bed inspiration. So, make sure you take a look at our bed buying guide.

Beds on Finance

To help you with the cost, you can place your order and take advantage of our interest-free finance. Rest assured, there are no hidden interest fees, so you can be confident that the price you see is the price you’ll pay. Please note, this option is available for all orders over £500.

Energise your space with colour

Whether you’re planning a full makeover or upgrading your existing bedroom, colour is one of the most important factors in buying a new bed. With the wide variety of shades and materials available, why not take the opportunity to get creative and pick something that sparks joy.

From white wooden frames to black leather beds, neutral colours are an inspiring base to build around. If you have a smaller bedroom or love the minimalist look, then white and cream bed frames are perfect as they help make a room feel lighter. Grey bed frames are also extremely versatile as they go well in an all-grey room or really stand out against colour, ideal for those who like to change things often.

Available in metal, leather, and upholstered, a black bed frame is a classic choice that will never go out of style. Great for a modern yet timeless look, black beds can be a real statement piece. Try creating contrast with white walls or colourful accessories.

Embrace fun in the bedroom with bright, energising colours, such as pastel velvet beds, available in beautiful pastel pink velvet for a trendy touch. While a dark blue or green bed will help create an intimate and regal look, especially impressive in larger bedrooms. Feel even more inspired by the latest bedroom trends for 2023.

Browse all of our colour options below to find your perfect match.

Fancy a little more inspiration? Head on over to Inspire Me and keep up with the latest interior trends and décor ideas. If you need any help finding the perfect bed type or style for you, our friendly team of experts at Dreams would be more than happy to help.