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There's something special about climbing into bed and snuggling into fresh, comfy bedding after a long day. Here at Dreams, we want everyone to have the best night's sleep, so we've made finding the right bedding for you easier. From pillows and duvets to luxurious mattress toppers, get everything you need to sleep soundly every night.

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Browse our range of heated bedding including electric blankets and thick duvets, essential for keeping cosy this winter.

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What bedding do you need?

Bedding can transform your bed from a mattress to a cosy sanctuary that you don't want to leave in the mornings, which is why we stock all that you might need. There are no hard rules about what to have, but a wide range of bedding can fix comfort issues if you're not ready for a new mattress or for when the season and temperature changes.

Make your mattress softer with a mattress topper, always sleep on the cool side with a gel pillow, or stay warm on a chilly winter's night with an electric blanket. Read on below to find out more about our full bedding range and how each product can help you sleep better.


Whether you have a single bed or super king, you'll need a duvet that makes you feel snuggly and relaxed. There are many options when it comes to finding the right one: the type of filling and the tog rating being the most important.

Depending on the time of year and how toasty or cool you like to be, you can pick duvets with different tog ratings. A tog is a measurement of how warm your duvet will keep you, so you can gauge which is most appropriate. For example, 1-4 tog is good for the summer, while 12 and over will cocoon you from the coldest winter. Some people like to have two duvets they can swap around, but generally, a duvet with a tog rating of 8-10 will be comfortable all year.

The filling of a duvet can also affect how well it regulates temperature. Natural fibres like wool and cotton are much higher quality and can keep you warm when it's cold, and cool when it's warm. If you’re allergic to these materials, look for synthetic options instead.

For more information, read our duvet guide to help find your perfect duvet.


The right pillow makes a big impact on your sleep – without the correct neck and head support, you'll have trouble getting comfortable and can wake up with the dreaded neck crick in the morning.

Just like a mattress, the best type of pillow for you depends on your preferred sleeping position. Memory foam pillows are great for side sleepers, while feather and down pillows are soft enough to keep front sleepers comfortable. Investing in the perfect pillow is worthwhile to improve your sleep quality and overall health.

Pillow Protectors

We also carry a range of pillow protectors, which keep your pillows cleaner for longer. They go underneath your pillow case, adding an extra layer between your skin and the pillow itself. Since our faces can be sensitive to bacteria and grime, washing your pillowcases and protectors often is highly recommended for better skin and general hygiene.

Mattress protectors and toppers

There are a few bedding items that you can buy to help protect your mattress and improve your comfort at night. A mattress protector is a sheet that goes under your bed sheets to put a further layer between you and your mattress, helping keep it cleaner. Though some people don't find these necessary, we highly recommend using one to increase the lifespan of your mattress. You can also get anti-allergy mattress protectors which help you sleep better if you suffer from dust allergies or are sensitive to the material of your mattress.

Mattress toppers are more substantial and can make a tired mattress comfortable again. These add extra padding, which is great if you're in a rental property or student accommodation, and are stuck with an uncomfy mattress. We stock a wide range so you can decide the thickness and material you need – if you've always wanted to try a memory foam mattress, then a memory foam topper is a great way to test the material.

Learn more about protective bedding.

Electric blankets

The ultimate must-have for winter, an electric blanket will keep you extra cosy in bed. Similar to a mattress topper, the electric blanket goes above the mattress and underneath your sheets so it's tucked away. You can then use the controls to turn it on and set the heat level, which is fantastic for warming up your bed on a chilly evening. Available in all mattress sizes, you'll likely regret not getting one sooner.

Preparing for the cold season? Shop our full winter bedding range for the warmest duvets, blankets, and more.

Kids' bedding

When it comes to kids' bedrooms, you want to make going to sleep as fun and easy as possible. Alongside all of our bedding options such as mattress protectors and toppers, which can help keep your little one clean and cosy, we have a range of bed linens for kids. Embrace colour and fun with our duvet sets, which include a duvet cover and matching pillow, perfect for adding personality to your children's bedroom.