Master bedroom ideas to revitalize your space

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A master bedroom is our comfort space. It is a reflection of ourselves and a place where we love to unwind.

Naturally, there comes a time when we look at our bedrooms and wonder: can we do better? Sure, it serves its purpose, we love our bed and we relish how cosy we feel when sleeping in it, but is there something more we can add to the look and feel of the room?

Luckily, the answer is yes! With a little planning and some forward-thinking, we can change a bedroom from a perfectly functional space to one we adore heading to every night and day. Let’s look at some of our favourite ideas…

Choose your palette

While greys and whites have been popular for a long time, many people have started adding splashes of colour back to their bedrooms.

Whether that be with a pink bed, like the TEMPUR Duke Velvet-Finish, or with an accent wall in blue, there are a lot of options to consider.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to consider choosing two or three colours for your space. Natural and neutral colours are popular, as they work great with brighter and moodier tones alike. They can even work on their own with the layering of items of similar tone throughout your space. Just keep the undertones of these neutrals in mind when choosing accessory pieces.

Another popular choice is soft pastels, like lavenders and greens for a spring-like feel. These make a great option for a therapeutic space thanks to the natural calming feel these colours can have on the mind.

You can also go dramatic with moody tones like dark blues, or go bright and cheerful with a pop of pink. Ideally, you’ll want to use a neutral colour alongside these to add contrast. As you explore your master bedroom ideas in your mind, ensure you choose your palette first to make everything else simpler.

Seoul Upholstered TV Bed Frame


Seoul Upholstered TV Bed Frame
Seoul / William Upholstered USB Charging Bedside Table


Seoul / William Upholstered USB Charging Bedside Table

Pick your design philosophy

There are so many amazing design trends that can inspire your master bedroom design.

Whether you’re a fan of a modern blend such as the Japandi style or love extravagant maximalism decor (where more is better), explore your options. It makes a great jump-off point to start revitalizing a space.

Some of our favourite design philosophies:

  • Minimalism – A focus on less is more with empty space between items being the eye-catcher
  • Maximalism – Lots of fun patterns and bright tones mixed together, all designed to spark joy
  • Feng Shui – The classic Chinese philosophy to create a harmonious home
  • Industrial – Urban vibes with a metallic and raw edge
  • Shabby Chic – A mix of classic French antiques with farmhouse and modern touches, usually with a neutral palette
  • Rustic – Natural and weathered finishes brought together into a warming space
  • Coastal – Light and airy with blues and greens throughout to bring that seaside feeling

Next steps

With the palette and the design philosophy decided on, the next steps will help you consider the different elements that help make a master bedroom stand out and reflect you. You don’t have to follow every single step – everyone has a different idea of what makes a master bedroom perfect, after all – but instead think of them as a guideline when redesigning your space.

Get a statement piece

Every room needs a focal point, and the bedroom is no exception.

For many, this is the bed. Why not make it something special? We’ve got 5 statement bed frames that can solidify a room and give your space a real wow factor.

Alternatively, you can choose something like a work of art, a contrasting colour wall, or even the sheets you put on the bed as the statement. The options are endless, and making that statement is something only you can choose how to solidify.

Grey soft touch blanket box with buttoned details sat open at the foot of a bed
Deacon Upholstered Blanket Box


Deacon Upholstered Blanket Box

Use texture for depth

One of the great ways to add some spice to a room is to have some texture variation.

A fluffy blanket draped over a corner of your bed adds immediate visual interest, and paired with a collection of pillows and cushions can elevate your room with very little effort. You can also add texture with furniture, such as with a button detailed blanket box at the foot of the bed. Our Deacon Upholstered Blanket Box is one good example, and you can even layer texture on top with cushions and soft blankets.

You can also add texture with furnishings beyond those on the ground. Wall art can stand out from the 2D plane, beams across the ceiling add depth to the space and change how light flows around it, and even your light shades can make a huge impact.

Sealy Tate Headboard


Sealy Tate Headboard

Add a dramatic headboard

One of the quickest and easiest ways to change up a master bedroom is to add a headboard.

Not only does it help give you extra support as you sleep, but it also helps solidify the style you want your room to lean towards. Whether you’re undergoing a full-speed-ahead renovation, or simply want to change a few key pieces, a dramatic headboard is a solid investment.

A timeless choice is the Sealy Tate Headboard, available in a versatile range of colours and fabrics with stunning sculpted edges to suit your style. Coupled with some moody wooden textures on the floors or walls, it’s the perfect addition to a blissful boudoir.

Gallway 3-Seater Clic-Clac Sofa Bed


Gallway 3-Seater Clic-Clac Sofa Bed
Gallway Chair


Gallway Chair

Don’t forget the furnishings

Often a master bedroom is more than just a place to sleep.

It is where we prepare for the day ahead and settle down once it’s done. So, don’t limit yourself to only thinking about the bed. Instead, consider the other furniture in the room, and all the other components. A change in your curtains from a dark to a light colour can do a lot to shift the feel of the space, and adding a dresser that also serves as a mirror can make it feel much bigger than the room may be.

Adding in an extra piece, like the Gallway Chair, for example, can change the space from a functional one to another area to hang out with others; to talk and chat and enjoy yourself. Remember, a bedroom isn’t just for sleep, it’s for every part of our lives.

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