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The science behind good sleep
What is Sleepmatch?

What is Sleepmatch?

Sleepmatch is our latest innovation designed to help you get a great night’s sleep. These advanced beds map your body in just 3 minutes for a tailored list of mattresses best suited to you. Intended to make mattress buying a breeze, why not pop in store to try it out for free? Click below to find your nearest store or read on to find out more...


You spend 1/3 of your life asleep, so take 3 minutes to get it right

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1. Create your profile

We’ll create your profile on screen by asking some simple questions about you/and your partner’s sleep preferences.

2. Sleepmatch analysis

Lay down and get comfy. Thousands of calculations and eighteen different measurements will be taken in just 3 minutes.

3. Mattress recommendations

Sit up and view your results. You’ll have a tailored list of mattresses to try in store – take the time to get a feel for them all.


How does Sleepmatch measure my body?

Sleepmatch uses inbuilt sensors to take eighteen measurements and make thousands of calculations. These are then entered into an algorithm to recommend you the right level of postural support.

What is postural support?

Postural support is what’s needed to keep your body in a relaxed, neutral position while sleeping. If you settle into an unnatural position on a mattress that doesn't support you well, this can cause aches and pains. Your postural results will pop up on the Sleepmatch screen, along with your most recommended mattresses.

Will I have to pay to try Sleepmatch?

No, it’s completely free and we’ll also offer you a hot drink.

How long does it take?

Only 3 minutes. From the moment you lay down, our innovative Sleepmatch bed gets to work. All you must do is relax, watch a video, and move into your natural sleeping position.

What information do I need to provide?

We mainly need to understand how you currently sleep, where you feel any discomfort, plus your height and weight. It’s all done interactively on screen through multiple choice questions, but we don’t need to know the ins and outs. Questions include: your first name, gender, age, whether you have a sleep partner, your preferred sleeping position, the side of the bed you sleep on, your height and weight, plus any pain you feel after waking.

Does my sleeping partner need to be with me?

Ideally, we’d like to ask your partner the same questions, but if they’re not around you can answer the questions for them. However, we think it’s best that you pop in store at the same time so the pair of you can choose your favourite mattress together.

Do I need to move while laying down?

Sleepmatch starts by asking you to lie down on your back to take a standard measurement. You’ll then be asked to move to your natural sleeping position for the analysis to take place. You’ll feel gentle air pressure beneath you while the machine does its calculations.

What is a blended mattress recommendation?

If you and your sleep partner each have different support needs, Sleepmatch will then identify the ideal support level for both of you. Your blended recommendation will then feature the mattresses that best meet both your needs.

What if I don't like the recommended mattresses?

At the end of the day, what feels most comfortable is down to your personal preferences. We support you in choosing the mattress that feels right for you.

Is there a minimum age limit to use Sleepmatch?

Yes, Sleepmatch is recommended for anyone over the age of 16.

Are there any weight restrictions?

The minimum weight required is 6 stone/38kg, but there is no maximum weight limit.

Should I use a pillow during analysis?

It’s best to skip the pillow as it might interfere with your spinal alignment during the measuring.

I have a pacemaker, can I use Sleepmatch?

Yes, Sleepmatch is completely safe for anyone that has a pacemaker.

Where’s my nearest store with Sleepmatch?

We think everyone deserves to try Sleepmatch so we’ve installed it in all of our British stores. To find your nearest one, please use our store locator. Unfortunately, we’re not able to currently offer Sleepmatch in any of our Northern Ireland stores.

Is there an additional warranty provided after using the Sleepmatch system?

There’s no need for an additional warranty after trying Sleepmatch.


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