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Sleepwell by Dreams

Matching you with the perfect night’s sleep

Sleepmatch is a diagnostic system that matches you with the mattress best suited for your body type and sleeping position.

Using 18 statistical measurements, over 1,000 scientific calculations and the information you provide about your sleep preferences, Sleepmatch identifies the optimal postural support for your body and recommends suitable mattresses for you. And with the perfect mattress for your body type and sleeping position, your body will stay properly aligned and supported during sleep.

Sleepmatch - Find your perfect bed in 4 easy steps

Let science determine the right bed for you

Sleepmatch bed

Why Sleepmatch?

Most people choose their mattress based on how they feel after a few minutes trying it out in a store. The fundamental problem with this is that when you're awake, your muscles aren't fully relaxed. And when you sleep, the muscles in your body relax completely, making proper support even more important for spinal alignment and pressure relief. If you're sleeping on the wrong mattress, poor postural support will result in morning aches and pains and can contribute to bigger health issues over time.

The right mattress should conform to and support your body. As your spinal column realigns, the muscles in your legs relax and your blood circulates properly. So instead of waking up sore and tired, you wake up stronger and healthier.

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