Editorial policy: Our guidelines

This policy ensures that integrity and accuracy underpin everything we do here at the Sleep Matters Club.

About us

Welcome to the Sleep Matters Club: our digital hub exploring all things sleep.

Since 2015, we have been the place to read all about sleep, daily routines, dream meanings, and more. In that time, we’ve published over 400 articles and have engaged with more than 19 million unique readers! We’ve also been referenced by thousands of other publications, including the BBC, Psychology Today, Huffington Post, Architectural Digest and plenty of others.

Our mission statement

The Sleep Matters Club is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to improve their sleep and, by extension, their day and night. Our mission is to bring a little joy to the world of sleep health with interesting facts, relatable advice and interactive tools. We won’t rest until you’re sleeping soundly.

Medical disclaimer

Please note that while we do explore the physiology and psychology of sleep, we do not aim to offer health or medical advice. All content is for general information purposes only. We are not a substitute for seeking medical support.

However we do share information about sleep health, given the strong link between sleep and our wellbeing. To ensure accuracy, we follow strict journalistic standards and any advice pertaining to health will always link to the original source. For health-related content, we only ever use trusted sources and identify these within the content as below. Look out for the tick which gives you confidence we’ve done our research.


A screenshot of a Sleep Matters Club article, showing an example of how trusted sources will appear on-site.

Journalistic and blogging standards

Integrity and accuracy underpin everything we do at The Sleep Matters Club. This includes:

  1. Selecting our sources meticulously
    We strive to ensure our articles are authoritative and, when applicable, rooted in scientific evidence.
  2. Committing to accuracy
    We pledge to deliver content that is both truthful and transparent.
    To achieve this, we research a broad scope of sources before putting words on the page. Once produced, our content undergoes a rigorous editing and review process. The world moves quickly, but we aim to keep all content up to date and will remove any outdated references as soon as possible.
  3. No product placement
    Since its inception, the Sleep Matters Club has always been a space for expertise and discussion. It does not try to sell products, though you may occasionally see us use imagery from the Dreams website.

Quotations, sources and references

Our content relies on reputable, often peer-reviewed, sources to ensure the information we share is grounded in scientific research. We provide clear citations, references, and links to other websites, allowing our readers to delve deeper into the research and data supporting our content.

Any articles published or optimised since March 2024 will end with a list of sources linked throughout the article. This is to provide clarity on where the information originated, giving users the ability to delve further into the chosen topic.

Our in-house team, authors and content creation process

Our dedicated in-house team and content creation process is split into three phases:

  1. Researching and planning
    We plan our content quarterly. This involves trend and digital search analysis, allowing us to provide up-to-date, relevant content for our readers. Our content creation partners bring ideas to an in-person meeting where we quality assess the topics for relevancy to the Dreams brand and Sleep Matters Club audience.
  2. Writing and drafting
    When the titles and approach are confirmed, our content creation team researches each title, exploring existing media from authority sources, analysing data, and speaking to journalists and experts. Using this, articles are drafted abiding by all of our journalistic principles.
  3. Reviewing and quality assessment
    Our in-house quality team review and, when required, provide feedback. Before an article is published, it is also reviewed by a series of stakeholders to be sure it meets our standards of quality, trust and expertise.

At times, you’ll also see a “reviewed by” tick at the start of our articles. In our mission to provide accurate, trust-worthy content for our readers, we regularly partner with sleep experts to review or write our content and bring you the latest sleep advice. Learn more about who we’ve worked with in our Meet The Experts section of the site.

Our stance on Artificial Intelligence

Large Language Models, colloquially known as AI, do not produce content that abides by the standards we adhere to. Therefore, our content will never be produced by AI platforms such as ChatGPT or Gemini.

However, we aren’t blind to the value AI can provide. We may use AI to ensure our content plans cover a range of topics at the research stage. This helps us in our aim to produce content that is always relevant to our users and forward-thinking.

We do not plan to ever use AI for content generation. We’re firm believers in human content for human readers!

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