We all favour certain sleeping positions to send us off to the land of nod each night, and most of us have preferred this specific sleeping shape since we first entered the world. There are a multitude of ways to sleep comfortably, from curling up into a ball to lying spread-eagled across the entirety of the bed. However, what you might not know is that the way in which you sleep at night could provide some interesting insight into your character. So to discover whether you’re a good friend, more likely to be an introvert, or prefer to be cuddled then read on and find your sleeping type.

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9 Sleeping Positions and What They Say About You

Whether you usually sleep spread across the bed, or hang upside down like a bat, the shape you adopt when sleeping can be indicative of your character. To see what your sleep position says about you, look no further.

The Foetal Position

41% of people tend to adopt this position at night and double the amount of women than men tend to sleep in this way. It involves curling your knees towards your chest, as if sleeping in the womb.

Secret Softy

This sleeping position means you’re tough on the outside and soft on the inside. You can be shy to begin with, though usually open up and relax quite quickly.

The Yearner

This is also a very common sleeping position and involves sleeping on your side with arms stretched in front of you, as if trying to reach something.

Complex Characters

People that sleep like this are a bit of a mixed bag, being both open-minded, yet cynical. They are suspicious of their own decisions, though have a firm resolve once they’ve come to a conclusion.

The Log

15% of people enjoy sleeping in the log position, which means it must be comfortable even if it doesn’t look it. Want to try snoozing in this way? Sleep on your side with your arms straight.

Naturally carefree

If you tend to sleep like this chances are you’re a bit of a social butterfly, friendly, carefree and popular. However, your trusting nature means you can also fall into the trap of being gullible.

Soldier Stance

Somewhat severe looking, you can imagine exactly what this position is like; a soldier lying on his back with arms straight by his sides.


Sleeping in this way will usually mean that you’re quite quiet and reserved. It may also mean you expect both yourself and other people to adhere to strict moral codes and high standards.

Freefall Form

This sleep position makes you look a little like a relaxed skydiver freefalling through the sky, with your arms wrapped around your pillow as you sleep on your stomach.

Geronimo . . .

Sleeping in freefall means you’re bold and sociable, though you might not have the thick skin necessary to deal with criticism or situations you aren’t comfortable with.

Spread-eagled Starfish

A true mattress hogging type of position, the starfish sleeper spreads their limbs in a carefree manner over the entire bed surface.

A flexible friend

Chances are you’re a true friend if you like to sleep in this way, eager to listen to anyone that needs to talk or help anyone that needs a hand. Surprisingly, you probably don’t really like to be the centre of attention.

The Stargazer

This position isn’t the most popular, possibly because it can mean the sleeper gets a little too cool in the night. The position is quite a vulnerable one, with stargazers lying on their backs with their arms wrapped around their head.

The Best BFF’s

Stargazers prioritise their friends, doing everything they can for those they hold dear. Usually these sleepers will have a happy, easy-going disposition.

Pillow Hugger

This sleeper hugs a pillow close to their body, and they usually have their limbs wrapped around it in some way.

Fancy a hug?

Pillow huggers like to get cosy and be cuddled, cherishing the relationships they have with the important people in their lives above all else.

The Thinker

Another sleeping shape that’s like the foetal position, the thinker will sleep curled up with a hand gently resting on their chin, as if pondering something.

Emotional evaluator

Those that habitually sleep in this position are more emotional than other sleepers, with both positive and negative emotions running high for those that favour this position.

Personality or preference

The sleeping position you favour could be indicative of your personality or you could just really like spreading out when it’s time to catch those zzz’s . . .Whatever the meaning behind your sleeping position, making sure you’re comfortable is key to a good night’s sleep.




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