Gaming room ideas for the savvy gamer

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Your objective: The ultimate gaming bedroom. Ready player? Press start to continue.

Believe it or not, gaming isn’t all play – for serious gamers, it can take time and effort to create your perfect space to escape with your favourite console.

Whether you’re carving out a space in your bedroom, converting your office or setting up a spare room, follow our simple tips for upgrading your gaming bedroom setup. With the help of accessories, lighting, and a few key furniture pieces, you’ll escape into a new quest in no time.

Where should my gaming room be?

First things first, let’s talk floorplan for your gaming room.

According to our latest sleep survey, 12% of Brits regularly game in the hour before bed, so it’s hardly surprising that gaming bedrooms are super popular right now.

But your perfect setup ultimately depends on how you like to game. Is gaming a full-time hobby, or a way to wind down before catching some Zzzs? Do you prefer to power on during the day or in the evening? Answering these questions can help you determine whether your gaming bedroom should be your master suite or spare room, and if a gaming desk or gaming bed are better suited to you.

We know gaming desks are all the rage, but did you know that time spent gaming before bed has increased by 43%? Let’s cut out the middleman, say “so long” to the living room – sorry, sofa! – and explore gaming bedroom options.

Seoul Upholstered TV Bed Frame


Seoul Upholstered TV Bed Frame

Is a gaming bed right for me?

Play, sleep, repeat. If you love to relax with your favourite game before bed, or immerse yourself in total escape before drifting off into dreams, a gaming bed could be the perfect solution.

If you’ve got a guest room that doubles as an office, this could be the perfect place to put a gaming bed if your other half isn’t a fellow gamer. But be warned: once you’ve seen our magnificent Drift bed, you’re unlikely to want to say goodbye when it’s game over…

Equipped with everything you need to game in comfort, the Drift comes complete with a state-of-the-art TV hidden away in the footboard, plus plenty of storage to keep your equipment close at hand. With headset holders on each side of the headboard, an under-bed media tray for your favourite console, and easy-access USB-C ports on each side, the ultimate gaming session can begin.

For an esports-inspired look, check out our Nebula Bed, created for gamers, by gamers, in collaboration with X Rocker. Experience a spectacular 5.1 surround sound system through the headboard and footboard speakers, with a built-in SMART TV as standard. It’s even got integrated RGB lighting – more on that later…

For an extra special gaming experience, you can choose to add a Sleepmotion base to either of these popular styles. This innovative option features adjustable areas for your back and feet, so you’re in complete control of how you play, lounge and sleep, with the added benefit of zero gravity technology for extra comfort.

If the a high-tech TV bed isn’t your style, why not browse our range of Sleepmotion compatible bed frames?

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Modern gaming bedrooms

The best thing about having your own gaming bedroom setup is making it completely your own; a reflection of your favourite way to pass the time.

Let’s explore modern gaming bedroom ideas. Whether you prefer dark and moody monochrome or bright and vibrant colour, try to focus on highlighting key areas of the room like your desk or bed.

One important decision to make is white or black furniture. Gaming chairs and desks tend to be primarily one of these two colours, so choosing one and sticking to it is important to create a cohesive space. For smaller rooms, white furniture can open up the floorplan, whilst black can add cosiness to bigger bedrooms. Of course, many options include fun pops of colour too!

If you’re creating a gaming space within an existing bedroom, don’t be afraid to use paint and décor to mark out that area as your own. From bold geometric prints to neon-inspired accents, immerse yourself in your favourite games to find inspiration. Add paint, wallpaper or shelving to the wall around your space to create a cosy, immersive feeling that you can associate with your favourite hobby.

Another great way to bring a space to life is lighting – any serious gamer will know that glaring overhead lighting can be the mortal enemy of an immersive gaming session.

For the ultimate atmospheric experience, our brand-new Nebula Bed and matching bedside table come complete with built-in Neo Motion™ RGB lighting, in your choice of over 200 vibrant colours and patterns.

The app-controlled lighting can be synced to your favourite game, movie or music to pulse in time with the soundtrack – awesome, right? When you’re in the mood to unwind, it can also act as an integrated alarm, with a calming sunset mode to accompany a cosy gaming session.

Traditional gaming bedrooms

If high-tech rooms aren’t your style, there are plenty of ways to incorporate traditional elements into your gaming bedroom.

Why not incorporate botanicals to your room with some wild, twisting house plants – it’s called Breath of the Wild for a reason, right? – or historically-inspired prints and posters.

Elements of pared-back industrial design can be interwoven into your chosen design to contrast the modern elements too. This is often best achieved through textures – think exposed brick, metal, wood or glass.

If you’re a fan of the more ‘traditional’ game night options, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Settlers of Catan or just good old-fashioned Monopoly, the focus of your room should be on socialising. Finding a central point for the players to gather around will give the room an inviting feel, and the rest of the room has as many options as your imagination can conjure up! Roll for initiative…

Modern grey upholstered beside, with USB charging ports and controller stand, styled next to a gaming bed.
Drift Gaming USB Charging Bedside Table


Drift Gaming USB Charging Bedside Table

Small gaming bedrooms

Short on space? There’s still plenty of inspiration to discover with our small gaming bedroom ideas…

We know that more is more when it comes to gaming – the latest release, a new headset and that customised controller you just have to have… so storing it all in a smaller space can naturally be a challenge.

For narrower spaces, adding floating shelves is a great way to maximise vertical space without impacting your room’s footprint. Bring your headboard to life by surrounding it with rows of shelves, stacked with your favourite memorabilia or gaming art.

Our Drift Bedside is the perfect accompaniment to your gaming setup, featuring a bespoke controller holder with USB ports to keep your handset fully charged. With a deep drawer and additional storage shelf, you can stack your essential titles and keep your gaming retreat organised.

For more built-in storage options, check out our full range of gaming beds featuring discreet media trays, controller stands and more.

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Kids’ gaming bedrooms

Tots, teens and in-betweens – everyone loves a good game. Discover gaming bedroom ideas for boys and girls alike.

A kids gaming bedroom is the perfect place to let your little one’s imagination run wild. Let them get involved with choosing their favourite colours, prints and places to display their favourite memorabilia.

It’s super easy to create a gender-neutral space by sticking to monochrome tones, which suits our popular Anderson XL gaming bed perfectly. Combining a fun high sleeper with a spacious desk crying out for a techy setup, this bed makes the most of your kid’s space with the raised sleeping area. Available in grey or white, it’s endlessly versatile to suit both cute and colourful gaming bedrooms or dark and mysterious dens.

Create the ultimate gaming den for your little player with the Garrison High Sleeper from our exclusive X Rocker collection. With a raised sleeping area, built-in desk and under-bed chill out area with media unit, this innovative design maximises floor space with maximum cool factor, too. The desk is super handy for homework too (don’t tell your little one we said that!).

X Rocker Battalion Gaming Desk


X Rocker Battalion Gaming Desk

Speaking of desks… our Battalion Gaming Desk deserves a mention too. It’s got plenty of space for a multi-monitor set up, handy drawer and built-in PC tower area. It can be paired with the matching Battalion Bunk Bed or Garrison High Sleeper, in a choice of three complementary colourways.

For teenage gaming bedroom ideas, the Marshall Gaming Bed is sure to be the envy of all with its sleek charcoal grey look and red carbon fibre detail. Built-in LED lighting adds instant atmosphere, with multiple storage areas tucked away to keep even the most extensive video game collections tidy. The large desk space easily fits consoles, monitors and all the accessories your mini gamer can think of! Achievement unlocked.

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