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Sleeping on your front

Mattress shopping is a tricky thing. With so many variations in structure, firmness and filling materials, it's difficult knowing what will be best suited to you. To find your perfect mattress, it's helpful to understand which position you sleep in. Whether you sleep on your back, front or side, certain mattresses are better at giving you a good night's rest.

Sleeping on your front

Understanding pressure points

Understanding pressure points

To find which kind of mattress your sleeping position is best suited to, it helps if you're familiar with your pressure points. A pressure point is simply defined as an area, usually on the surface of the body, that is sensitive to pressure.

Your pressure points change with your sleeping position and which parts press against the mattress.

A mattress which finds a happy medium between support and softness is the best bet to avoid any pain on your pressure points.

Mattress type

Pocket Spring

As a stomach sleeper, you tend to need more support than side sleepers due to the sensitivity of your pressure points and the risk of misaligning your spine. Therefore, you should look for a firmer mattress; this will provide more support and will help maintain your natural alignment by preventing your body from sinking into the mattress, which can result in overarching the natural curve of your spine.

Like those who sleep on their backs, you need to find a mattress that combines resistance with comfort. Pocket spring mattresses are a good solution as they distribute your weight evenly. They contain individual springs cushioned in their own pockets of material to provide a supportive foundation for your pressure points.

Pocket Spring





Firmness-Firm-2A firm or medium firm mattress is recommended to provide essential support to maintain the natural alignment of the spine. The firmness of these mattresses will allow maximum comfort while preventing you sinking in and arching your spine.


Firmness-Icons-ALL-2Due to the level of support stomach sleepers will need for their spine, it's not recommended to get an overly soft mattress. If your mattress is too soft, your torso will sink to the mattress and your spine will arch as you sleep, leading to a very achy morning. However, if you have a mattress that is too firm, it won't let your spine fall into its natural curve and will also cause you discomfort.

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quick fixes while you wait for your new mattress

quick fixes while you wait for your new mattress

If you're suffering from spinal discomfort after sleeping on your front, a temporary fix is to avoid too much pillow height and stick to just one pillow to avoid straining your neck. If you have lower back pain, try placing a pillow between your hips and the mattress to give the bottom of your spine a gentle lift.