Creative ideas to transform your blank wall into a statement wall

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A feature wall is your opportunity to express yourself and show off your innermost creative flair – and the great news is, it only takes one statement wall to totally transform your space.

From flashy mirrors to prints and paint, creating a statement wall can enhance the look of your headboard, revitalise a tired bedroom and give you the chance to experiment with something totally different.

If you’re looking for ideas to fill that blank wall in your bedroom, you’ve come to the right place.

Why add a feature wall to your bedroom?

Statement walls reflect an increasing desire for personalisation and imagination. With almost endless options and the opportunity to create something completely unique, accent walls give the impression of a thoughtfully-designed space with minimal effort.

Feature walls are an excellent choice for the bedroom, as they allow you to express your truest style without committing to a full transformation. Easy to change from season to season, they are also an excellent opportunity for experimentation with new styles and trends.

How to choose your feature wall

Just like your bedroom, your statement wall will be personal to you. When choosing where to decorate, consider your existing space – where does the light fall? Is there an original feature such as a fireplace or window you’d love to draw attention to? Where does the eye naturally fall when you enter the room?

You should also consider your bedroom furniture. Feature walls can frame or extend your headboard, or highlight your most-loved furniture pieces such as a cosy armchair or statement desk.

For style inspiration, keep reading for our top tips on creating a fantastic feature wall to banish bland bedrooms.

Blank wall ideas: Six ways to make a statement

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1. Create a feature wall with colour blocking

The opposite of colour drenching, colour blocking is all about contrast.

Extend the look of your headboard with a half-painted wall, or play with soft curved lines for an organically inspired finish.

Whether you’re going for clashing tones or complementing shades, the key with colour blocking is planning. Visualise your preferred shape and where the divide will be, before carefully stencilling the outline – all this before you pick up the paintbrush! And don’t forget to stock up on the masking tape for crisp, clean edges.

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2. Go traditional with wallpaper

Add an instant wow with statement wallpaper. Perfect for blank walls with no other features, wallpapering is surprisingly easy and incredibly effective.

The challenge naturally comes when it’s time to choose your style – the options are almost limitless! For accent walls, going bold is always a good idea. From dark and moody shades to bright prints and geometric shapes, containing the wallpaper to a single surface means you can have endless fun with unusual patterns.

Alternatively, if you’re working with a smaller space, consider options that instead add texture and dimension. How about an industrially inspired brick print? You could also frame some wallpaper samples for a touch of flair without the fuss.

Light grey Lucia fabric ottoman bed, styled against a feature gallery wall with a chocolate cockapoo relaxing on the bed.
Lucia Upholstered Bed Frame


Lucia Upholstered Bed Frame

Credit: @thetuffins

3. Design a funky gallery wall

Speaking of frames… gallery walls are incredibly impactful with minimal DIY required.

Gallery walls are also a great opportunity to transform a blank wall into something incredibly personal and special to you, making them perfect for a bedroom.

If you’re worried about the appearance of clutter or busyness, find small ways to incorporate cohesion. Opt for frames in the same style or colour, or choose prints and photos with coordinating finishes. For a polished look, group the frames in threes – a golden rule when it comes to interior design.

4. Dust off your DIY skills with wall panelling

A modern classic, wall panelling is all the rage in the DIY world.

Simple to achieve and incredibly sophisticated for a refined boudoir, there are many options when it comes to wall panelling.

Wooden slats create an effortless Japandi finish, whilst shaker wall panelling is a great choice for those looking to incorporate colour. Alternatively, premium wainscoting gives you the chance to add extra storage with a co-ordinating shelf.

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Wooden parquet-inspired bed frame, styled against a deep green wall with floating shelves.

5. Add chic shelving to turn blank space into storage

If one shelf just isn’t enough, create a feature wall that puts shelving front and centre.

Perfect for book lovers and nick-nack collectors, shelves are endlessly versatile and can be refreshed from season to season to reflect your style, so you’ll never tire of their appearance!

From calming plants and soothing reed diffusers to statement art and your favourite titles, the appearance of your shelves can be as unique as you are. If you’re looking to make an impact, consider painting your shelves to match the wall – this a great way to make sure their contents really stand out.

Credit: @thekinlochhome

6. Play with lighting to transform your walls

Providing a soft ambient glow or highlighting key areas of your boudoir, lighting can make all the difference in your bedroom.

Your choice of lighting is super important to the overall feel of your space. To bring a feature wall to life, consider built-in bedside lamps at either side of your bed. Stylish and practical, they’ll illuminate your every bedtime and add an important Feng Shui element. For a low-fuss option, drape cosy fairy lights behind your headboard to create a romantic feel.

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