The Most Haunted Places To Stay In The UK

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Are you a fan of hearing creaky floorboards at night? Do you laugh at those who cower behind the sofa during a horror film? Does spending the night with ghosts and ghouls sound like an appealing holiday to you? Then this article might be for you. To celebrate this Halloween and get you in the spooky spirit, we’ve uncovered the most haunted bedrooms in the UK. Would you dare stay in any of these?

Haunted locations to stay at in the UK

The UK is a ghost hunter’s dream. With so many ancient locations still standing, you can find historic buildings and their long-gone residents all over the country. Here, we’ve complied some of the best-known spots for having a paranormal experience…

1. Britannia Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

Kicking off the list of haunted bedrooms is what paranormal investigator Tom Slemen has named ‘the most haunted hotel in the UK’. This hotel was built in 1912, the year the Titanic went down, and one of the suites is an exact copy of the Titanic’s First Class Smoking Lounge. Notable sightings at this hotel include ghostly naval officers and a grey lady in a Victorian dress. According to, ‘a paranormal team who visited the hotel also reported hearing a growl or a disembodied voice, and one of their team also reported being violently sick during their stay.’

2. The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

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Since being built in 1145, the Ancient Ram Inn has built a reputation as one of the most haunted houses in the British Isles, thanks to the stories of child sacrifices, devil worship, and evil spirits which lurk around the inn. The current owner of the Ram Inn, John, has reported being grabbed and dragged across his room. He also found two child skeletons and broken daggers beneath the staircase.

3. Ballygally Castle Hotel, Northern Ireland

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Next on the list is the Ballygally Castle Hotel, based on the Antrim Coast, where Game of Thrones was filmed. This castle is the setting for the haunting story of Isobella Shaw, the former Lady of the Castle during the early 17th century. Her husband reportedly locked her in the tower after giving birth to their son. While attempting to escape and retrieve her child, Isobella fell to her death. Rumour has it, she still haunts the castle searching for her son.

4. The Skirrid Inn, South Wales

Based in Monmouthshire, the Skirrid Inn is said to be the oldest public house in Wales. Since its opening in 1110, it’s been a hive for a lot of paranormal activity. One of the most notable ghosts is that of Judge Jeffreys, who was known as the hanging judge due to the amount of executions he ordered which took place at the inn. Guests of the Skirrid Inn have experienced glasses flying without being touched, the sound of soldiers in the courtyard and a feeling of being strangled. Unfortunately, you can’t stay here. However, the Skirrid Inn offers ghost hunts to those trying to get their fill of fear.

5. Talliston, Essex

Talliston, located in Great Dunmore, has been labelled ‘Britain’s most extraordinary home’. It’s decorated in a Scottish art-nouveau style and features a haunted bedroom that eerily recreates the bedchamber of a seven-year-old Edwardian child. This features heavy curtains, books and, of course, toys. Guests have noted unexplained sounds in the night as well as bizarre smells.

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6. The Langham Hotel, London

The Langham Hotel is known as the most haunted hotel in London, with at least five ghosts supposedly being spotted gliding through the walls. The most haunted room is said to be room 333, and sightings have included a German prince who jumped out of a window to his death. One of England’s cricket team, Stuart Broad, stayed in the hotel and said to the Daily Mail:

It was so hot in the room I just couldn’t sleep. All of a sudden the taps in the bathroom came on for no reason. I turned the lights on, and the taps turned themselves off. Then when I turned the lights off again, the taps came on. It was very weird.

7. Dalhousie Castle, Edinburgh

Since being built in the 13th century, this castle has had many ghostly visitors. The most notable being Sir Alexander Ramsay, who starved to death in 1342 and has since roamed the halls. Other ghosts include Lady Catherine, who also died from starvation. She was said to have starved herself in retaliation to her parents forbidding her from seeing the stable hand she loved. Lady Catherine is often seen floating around the dungeons of the castle.

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Seeing spectral figures? Discover the messages from beyond the grave...

International haunted locations for your spooky bucket list

1. Borgvattnet Vicarage, Sweden

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Located in Jämtland County, Northern Sweden, the Borgvattnet Vicarage is said to be one of the most haunted houses in Sweden. Built in 1876 as a place of residence for vicars, this house has had its fair share of paranormal activities. Sightings include an invisible force throwing laundry off of the washing line, women appearing and disappearing in the bedrooms and even an unseen force throwing a resident out of his chair.

The Borgvattnet Vicarage is currently a café and a guest house which offers a certificate to those who manage to stay the entire night.

2. The Villisca Axe Murder House, USA

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Across the pond lies the haunting story of the Villisca Axe Murder House in Iowa. In 1912, an entire family was brutally murdered in their home by an axe-wielding killer. Although the murderer was never captured, there has since been evidence suggesting the house is haunted by a dark spirit. If you’re feeling brave, or simply foolish, you can currently rent the house out for a night at roughly £345 and attempt to sleep in the rooms where the murders took place.

There is no shortage of famously haunted places in the USA. If you’re planning a dark tourism trip, here are some more top spots:

  • Salem, Massachusetts
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • The Winchester Mystery House, California
  • The Amityville Horror House, New York

3. Bran Castle, Romania

Since 1211, this fortress has been at the centre of Romanian history. Home to royals and battled over in multiple wars, it is one of the most fascinating places in Europe, and that’s before we even mention Count Dracula… While the famous vampire is reported based on Vlad Tepes (also known as Vlad The Impaler), his castle was taken from a description of Bran Castle.

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You can visit this gothic masterpiece all year round, but they also host a number of Dracula-themed events and even a special Halloween ghost tour and party.

4. Lawang Sewu, Indonesia

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This beautiful building in Java has an unfortunately ugly history. Built by the Dutch East Indies Railway Company in the early 1900s, its name means “a thousand doors”, referring to the labyrinth-like structure. Over the next 5 decades, it would be the home of the bloody actions of Dutch colonials and Japanese invaders during World War 2. The Indonesian government opened the buildings up to the public again in the 1990s, and a horror movie was filmed there in 2007!

5. Island of the Dolls, Mexico

Isla de las muñecas is one of the most unsettling locations on our list. The island is really a floating garden that was home to Don Julian Santana for over 50 fifty years. During his time there, Don Julian claimed he found a little girl who had drowned before he could save her. When a doll also washed up on the shore, he hung it up to honour her spirit. For the next few decades, Don Julian added hundreds of dolls to the island, alleging that they were haunted by the souls of young girls who had died. While no one ever knew whether his story was true, the Island of the Dolls remains as a tourist attraction where you can see the (creepy) decorations and even add your own…

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