Why Should You Sleep With a Pillow Between Your Legs?

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Have you ever wondered if there’s a simple and effective way to improve your sleep quality and overall well-being? Look no further – the answer might just be right under your nose, or rather, between your legs! Yes, you read that correctly. Sleeping with a pillow between your legs might sound like a peculiar idea, but science suggests that it can offer some remarkable benefits.

How to do it:

So, how can you start reaping the benefits of this simple sleep hack? It’s as easy as picking the right pillow and positioning it correctly!

  1. Opt for a pillow that provides adequate support without being too bulky.
  2. Place it between your legs from your upper thigh down to your ankles while sleeping on your side.
  3. Experiment with different pillow sizes and positions to find what works best for you.
  4. Drift off and discover the benefits…

It is not a complicated technique and can be done with any pillow – though, ideally, we’d recommend using a firmer pillow.

Why are people talking about this now?

Like with many modern trends, the word about pillows between the legs came out at first on TikTok, with @jordan_the_stallion8 being one of the most popular creators to talk about the topic:


#stitch with @apc #fypシ

♬ original sound – Jordan_The_Stallion8

While some of what was said is seen as overly optimistic, such as the effect of gaining two inches in height, there are some good benefits that people have found when trying out this technique. And with so many people trying it out, it’s become a small sleep technique that many don’t go without.

Jordan isn’t the only one waving the flag for this online, though. Other TikTokers, such as @Stretch_pad, are showing their support for the pillow leg sleep life:


Don’t knock it until you try it 😂 #fypシ #stretchpad #physiotherapy #physicaltherapy

♬ original sound – HB

A young woman with straight hair sitting on bed hugging her white pillow, surrounded by white

Is sleeping with a pillow between your legs good for you?

Why do so many people swear on this method for a comfy night’s sleep? Let’s delve into the reasons why you should consider adopting this sleep habit:

1. Spinal Alignment

Your spine plays a crucial role in supporting your body and maintaining proper posture. Placing a pillow between your legs while sleeping on your side helps keep your spine in better alignment. It prevents your upper leg from pulling your spine out of its natural position, which can alleviate discomfort and reduce the risk of waking up with a sore back.  Preliminary studies into this have shown a relationship between sleeping posture and waking symptoms – though it is noted that further studies are needed.

2. Pressure Relief

Sleeping with a pillow between your legs provides a cushioning effect that helps reduce pressure on your hips, knees, and ankles. This can be particularly beneficial if you suffer from joint pain or conditions like arthritis or if you’re one of the 23% of the world suffering from back pain. By giving your joints extra support, you’re creating a more comfortable sleep environment and could wake up feeling more refreshed. There’s more to learn about this in our article about if there’s a link between sleep problems and musculoskeletal health, so give that a read for further info.

3. Enhanced Blood Circulation

Proper blood circulation is essential for delivering oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. When you sleep with a pillow between your legs, you help alleviate the pressure on your blood vessels, allowing for better circulation. Improved blood flow can contribute to overall cardiovascular health and might even help prevent the development of varicose veins.

4. Reduced Tossing and Turning

Restlessness during sleep can be disruptive to both your rest and your partner’s. The simple act of using a pillow between your legs can help keep you in a more stable sleeping position. This means less tossing and turning throughout the night, especially when paired with tips for how to fall asleep fast and easily, leading to deeper, less interrupted sleep.

5. Comfort and Relaxation

Let’s face it – comfort matters when it comes to sleep. Placing a pillow between your legs adds an extra layer of cosiness that can promote relaxation and tranquillity. This comfort-enhancing technique might just be the missing piece in achieving that truly restful night’s sleep you’ve been longing for.

While it may seem unconventional at first, sleeping with a pillow between your legs has the potential to revolutionise your sleep quality and overall well-being. By promoting spinal alignment, reducing pressure on joints, enhancing blood circulation, and increasing comfort, this technique offers a holistic approach to improving your sleep. So, why not give it a try tonight? Your body may just thank you in the morning!

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