The Ultimate Visual Guide to Sleeping Positions for Couples

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By Brett Janes

Sleeping positions, for couples, can say a lot about the state of their relationship. Whether you share your bed in perfect harmony or one of you is relegated to the guest room sofa bed, there’s a deeper meaning in the way we share our sleep.

The positions you sleep in at night can provide fantastic insight into the type of relationship you’re in, and UK psychologists have often gone out of their way to prove that. Below are some of the most popular sleeping positions for couples in the UK, and what those positions might say about the two of you.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sleeping Positions for Couples, from The Sleep Matters Club.

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The ultimate guide to sleeping positions for couples

According to psychologists, how we sleep says a great deal about the state of our relationships. In fact, studies have shown that:

94% of couples who spend the night in contact with each other are happy with their relationship

10% of couples sleep apart from one another to get a good night’s sleep.

25% of couples argue in bed because they’re kept awake by their partners

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How do you share a bed?

The Most Common Sleeping Positions For Couples

Liberty (28%)

Back to back without touching

Cherish (18%)

Back to back touching

Pillow Talk (7%)

Face to face but not touching

Lovers’ Knot (8%)

Face to face, legs intertwined for 10 minutes then couple separate to sleep

Spooning (18%)

Front to back touching

The Romantic (1%)

One partner lying with head and arm on other’s chest

The Lovers (4%)

Face to face with legs intertwined all night

Superhero (2%)

Lying in starfish position with partner hanging off bed


Whatever makes them comfortable

*According to sleep studies by relationship psychologist Corinne Sweet and Travelodge

What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Relationship?

According to Corinne Sweet, each position speaks volumes about you as a couple:

  1. Liberty – Connected and secure in themselves, this position shows both closeness and independence.
  1. Cherish – This position shows a couple is relaxed and comfortable with each other – common in new relationships.
  1. Spoons – A traditional position where one partner takes a protective stance over the other.
  1. Lovers’ Knot – A compromise between intimacy and independence, allowing for the best of both worlds.
  1. The Romantic – Common in new relationships, or after sex, this pose represents vibrant or rekindled love.
  1. Pillow Talk – This position shows a need for intimacy and close communication in bed.
  1. The Lovers – Romantic and intimate, this position also shows a lack of independence from each other.
  1. Superhero – One partner dominates the bed, while the other takes a secondary role.

However you share a bed, getting good quality sleep is what matters most.

How To Sleep Better As A Couple

  1. Don’t go to sleep stressed

Avoid difficult conversations before bedtime and try relaxing with a warm bath, quiet music or light yoga.

  1. Stick to the same schedule

If you’re a night owl and they’re an early bird, try to find a middle ground so you don’t disturb each other.

  1. Fix your snoring problem

Avoid sleeping on your back and see your doctor if snoring becomes problematic as it can be a sign of health issues.

  1. Avoid stimulants

Steer clear of fizzy drinks, chocolate and any kind of caffeine for at least 4 hours before you go to sleep.





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