What Do Flowers in Dreams Mean?

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The language of flowers is vast and very personal, so when flowers keep popping up in your dreams, it can be confusing. While flowers are overwhelmingly positive in meaning, you should be mindful of what else is going on in your dreams when interpreting them. Here we go through some of the most popular types of flower dreams, what different kinds of flowers mean, and even what the colours mean too!

The dream:

You find yourself in a huge garden filled with an array of flowers of different colours and sizes. The sun is shining bright and there is a light breeze that carries the sweet fragrance of the flowers to your nose. You take a deep breath and feel a sense of peace and calm wash over you.

As you walk through the garden, you come across a field of sunflowers that tower over you. You stop and admire the beauty of the flowers and reach out and touch one of the petals, feeling the softness and the warmth of the sun on your skin.

Suddenly, the sunflowers start to wilt and their petals begin to fall off. You feel a pang of sadness as you watch the once-beautiful blooms deteriorate. However, as you look closer, you see that new buds are starting to grow in their place, and the cycle of life continues.

You wake up from the dream feeling a sense of hope and renewal.

Types of flower dreams and their meanings

1. Dreaming of a field of flowers

Dreaming about fields of flowers is often a sign that you feel fulfilled and energised in life, especially if the flowers are in full bloom. Fields symbolise fertility and prosperity, so dreams that feature large fields of flowers can indicate that you feel like you’re in the summer of life when success is abundant.

2. Dreaming of planting flowers

Similarly, if you dream of planting flowers then you are likely to be feeling hopeful about the future – perhaps you have started a new job or skill, or begun a new relationship. The act of planting indicates forward-thinking and putting your energy into creating something positive.

3. Dreaming of dead flowers

Conversely, dreams about dead flowers are often a symbol of endings or disappointment. If you dream that you are in a field of withered flowers, it could mean that you feel something is coming to end or that the seasons of your life are changing. This is not necessarily a bad thing but it can indicate a period of mourning for something or someone.

If your dreams include being given dead flowers, you may feel let down or unfulfilled with a relationship in your life. It’s a clear sign that there is some work to do when thinking about how your real-life relationships are going.

4. Dreaming of smelling flowers

Dreams about smelling flowers can symbolise your desire for a more pleasant and enjoyable experience in life. The sweet fragrance of flowers can indicate your pursuit of happiness and contentment.

Many perfumes have a floral scent, so if you dream of a specific flower’s scent or perfume, then you most likely have a strong emotional connection to that scent. Our olfactory sense is intertwined with the parts of our brains that process memories and emotions, making smells a very strong trigger for those things.

5. Dreaming of being given or giving flowers

Giving and receiving flowers is commonly seen as an act of kindness and love, so when this appears in your dreams it likely has a similar meaning. It can symbolise that you are looking for deeper connections during your waking hours, perhaps there is someone in particular that you want to get to know better. This dream is a sign to do so.

The interpretation of this dream can depend on the type of flowers you’re being given, so let’s explore some floral meanings…

Dreams about types of flowers and what they mean

1. Dreaming of roses

Roses are seen as the flower of romance, they often symbolise desire, passion, and lust, especially in red. However, roses are also expensive so can make us feel like the giver has put a lot of effort into the gift. If you give or receive roses in your dreams, then you may be longing for a declaration of love – maybe it’s time for you to do it.

Conversely, roses have hidden thorns so if you prick yourself on a rose – especially one you were given – it’s a strong indication that your dream is warning you to be wary of gifts by that person.

2. Dreaming of lilies

In flower language, lilies are symbolic of purity and innocence. White lilies are often given at funerals as a show of sympathy, pink lilies are usually a token of friendship. Seen as a sign of peace and determination, if there are lilies in your dream this is usually good luck and an indication things will improve soon.

3. Dreaming of sunflowers

Bright and commanding, sunflowers are seen as a positive symbol meaning abundance, vitality, and success. When you dream of sunflowers, it means that you are feeling good about things to come, or it can be a sign that a plan or relationship in your life will be a strong, positive influence on your life.

4. Dreaming of wildflowers

Wildflowers are beautiful, resilient, and untamed, which is exactly what they represent in our dreams. If you find yourself in a field of wildflowers, then it can symbolise that you are ready for adventure and excitement. You may be longing for more self-expression and freedom in your life, and this is manifesting in your dreams.

5. Dreaming of blossoms

Delicate and short-lived, blossoms are quintessential to springtime – they tell us that the world is warming and summer is on the approach. This means that dreaming of blossom trees often brings that symbology. You may feel like many things are coming to fruition and long-laid plans are finally blooming, but this can be an anxious time. If your blossoms are falling, it can be that you feel disappointed with something or that you are not ready for this new phase yet. However, blossoms are a good sign of prosperity, so you should try to feel comforted by them.

A field of sunflowers

What the colour of flowers mean in dreams

1. Dreaming of red flowers

As mentioned, red is a powerful colour with lots of meanings, so it often stands out when we see it in dreams. Dreams of red flowers can mean many things such as passion, love, and desire, but also red can mean a warning, intensity, and aggression. If you see red flowers, it’s important to contextualise them to understand what these flowers mean to you.

2. Dreaming of pink flowers

Pink is the colour of possibilities. It symbolises friendship and hope, so seeing pink flowers in your dreams is a good sign when it comes to relationships. However, pink can also symbolise immaturity, so it can also appear as a sign that you may feel like things are more developed than they are. Whether this is about a person or a personal goal, it’s a good time to step back and take stock.

3. Dreaming of yellow flowers

Unsurprisingly, yellow flowers symbolise a lot of bright and positive emotions like joy and optimism. Dreaming of yellow flowers can be a manifestation of contentedness in your life or excitement about something in particular. Yellow flowers can also be a sign that even if you are going through a tough time, there is positivity coming your way.

4. Dreaming of blue flowers

Blue is a slightly unusual colour for flowers, so seeing blue flowers in your dream means that your brain wants you to pay attention. Blue is often associated with trust and calmness, but also sadness and hidden motives, so context is important. Pay attention to details such as the type of flower, if it is a gift, and how you feel in the rest of the dream – this will give you more understanding.

5. Dreaming of white flowers

White in dreams can be a sign of prophecy, which means that this dream has significant meaning about your future. Dreaming of white flowers like roses, daises, and orchids often means respect and a strong relationship, showing you which people you should trust in your life.

Alternatively, a garden of only white flowers can be an omen of grief or that you have illusions about your life that are not necessarily true. Dreams of white flowers that usually have colour can be a sign you need to examine aspects of your life that may not be what they first seemed.

6. Dreaming of black flowers

Black is the most uncommon colour for a flower and can feel like a warning but dreams of black flowers are not necessarily bad. Often symbolising death, black means the end of something – whether good or bad – so black flowers can signify that something is coming to an abrupt stop.

In a dream, black flowers can also symbolise hidden emotions as you are suppressing the true colours or filling your dreams with negative spaces. If you are repressing your emotions, they will manifest through odd dreams so it is best to work through these when you’re awake. Try journalling before bed to stop uncomfortable dreams.

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