Cake Dreams – What Do They Mean?

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What Does it Mean to Dream of Cake?

Come on, who doesn’t love cake? Anyone? Often given to – and made for – other people, to make them happy – if a cake plays a starring role in your dream it can be seen as a symbol of compassion, affection and love. Take it as a message from your subconscious about the significant people in your life, the ones who mean the most to you.

Eating a cake in your dreams can also symbolise indulgence, but don’t worry. This may be a good thing. Fortunately, it can mean you’ve got a huge amount of love in your life – even if you haven’t yet realised it – and you’re indulgent in your love for others. In this article we explore the different types of cake dreams and what dream interpreters believe them to mean.

The Dream:

You take your first bite. The verdict? Chocolate heaven! Easily the most delicious cake you’ve ever tasted. As soon as the first slice has been scoffed, you cut yourself another (thicker) piece. As quick as a flash the second slice has been polished off. Then you notice it.

However much of the cake you eat, somehow it doesn’t get any smaller. What kind of magic is this? And it tastes so spectacularly good you just can’t put it down. You wolf down more and more. Your stomach is begging you to stop. But it’s no good. Driven on by an out-of-control urge to defeat the cake, you keep eating and eating, eating and eating some more.

Then you wake up, in your own bed. What are all those crumbs all over your pillow? It was all just a dream. Right?

Variations of Cake Dreams


Cake dreams can vary tremendously. You may dream about baking a cake for someone special, another person baking a cake for you – or even have a dream similar to the one above, where you just can’t stop eating cake.

Your cake dream may be about a birthday cake, a cupcake, or even a wedding cake.

When you have a lucid dream like this it’s natural to wonder what it might mean for your life.

Meanings of the dream

Rather than taking your dream at face value, it’s worth considering how it can be applied to your life and what’s going on for you personally. To help you do this we’ve explored some of the most common cake dream meanings below.

1. Dreams about eating a cake

Devouring a cake in your dream is said to be a symbol of your love for another. It indicates your true nurturing and caring nature. At the same time, this dream relates to some form of enjoyment and satisfaction, according to Dream Meaning. You’re fulfilling and indulging in the good things in life. This dream signals that a pleasant period of your life is about to come your way.

2. Dreams about baking a cake

This dream can be a reflection of the fulfillment of your desires. This may happen quite soon, but unexpectedly and in an unusual way. This dream is also said to indicate someone inviting you to a gathering.

According to Aunty Flo baking in a dream highlights your sensitivity to others, “If you are baking for other people, this dream serves as a recommendation to take the center stage and be more outgoing in social circumstances. When we bake food, it means we are giving something to someone or ourselves.”

3. Dreams about a birthday cake

If you’ve ever dreamed of a birthday cake, whether you ate some, blew out the candles or sang happy birthday around it – such a dream is a positive sign said to symbolise the love and support of those closest to you. Birthday cakes often appear in our dreams when it’s time to celebrate success or a happy occasion. If you dream that you eat a birthday cake it suggests success will likely be yours, according to Aunty Flo.

4. Dreams about different types of cake

The meaning of the dream depends on the type of cake you dream of. Some of the most common include:

  • Lemon cake – suggests that you will transform an unpleasant or sour situation into a profitable one.
  • Fruit cake – this dream suggests that you’re set to develop your expertise into something sweet and abundant, perhaps even start a side job like a consultancy.
  • Wedding cake – this dream points to the forthcoming wedding of a friend or family member.
  • Carrot cake – suggests your struggles have finally come to an end. Now you’ll taste the success and fruits of your labour.

Answering the dream:

Cakes aren’t the most common of dream symbols. So unless you’re a true cake addict if you have this dream it’s likely to have a significant meaning to your waking life. Dreams about cakes often spotlight the fact you’re overindulging. They’re an indication of something we just can’t resist – even if we know we should. Dreams about cakes could also symbolise unthinkingly spending money and symbolise selfishness. These dreams may be a reminder that it’s time to change some bad habits that you’ve allowed to stay around for too long.

Notable appearances in popular culture:

It’s fair to say that ‘cake’ has a long and ‘layered’ history. As such, the story of our favourite baked dessert is as intricate and rich as the beautiful cakes that are the real stars of the Great British Bake Off. It’s a show that proves the enduring popularity of baking and eating cake. Indeed, cake has been around for so long that the word has Viking origins, coming from the old Norse word “kaka”.

In Britain, the first cakes were pretty much bread. Certainly nothing like the colourful personalised cakes we know and love today. The most obvious differences between the two were the flat round shape of cake and the cooking method which only turned cakes over during baking. Notably, the art of cake decorating only took off in the mid-1800s, when new technologies like temperature-controlled ovens made baking easier and decorating more popular.

These days cake is more popular than ever and is used to celebrate important events, like weddings, anniversaries, and of course, birthdays. But, when and why did we actually start commemorating birthdays with a cake? Well it goes all the way back to the ancient Greek tradition of celebrating the births of their gods. To mark the birth of the goddess Artemis people would bake a circular cake in her honor, symbolising the moon. These ancient birthday cakes were decorated with lit candles to glow like the moon too.

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