What Do Dreams of Frogs Mean?

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What Is The Meaning Behind Frogs in Dreams?

Have you ever kissed an enchanted frog that turned into a prince or princess – only to wake up before you could live happily ever after as it was just a dream? If you’ve had any kind of vivid dream starring a frog, you’ll likely be wondering what it’s significance could mean to your life.

The short answer is – it depends! The meaning of frog dreams hinges on the characteristics of the creatures in your dream and your own feelings about them. Yes, these kind of dreams can be disconcerting. But please fear not! Frogs are a symbol of rebirth, renewal and transformation and dreaming about frogs means you’re facing a personal transformation, a new beginning, and major life changes, say experts including About Spiritual.

In this article we look in detail at what dreams of frogs could mean to your waking life.

The dream:

The starter was delicious. Now your anticipation has risen to fever pitch for the main course. Sat opposite your date in the best French restaurant in town, you can’t wait to get stuck in as the waiter whisks away your plate’s silver dome cover with a flourish.

There in front of you is a dish containing the finest quality cuisses de grenouille – or frogs’ legs – that money can buy.

You raise your fork, but just before you get a single taste of the delicacy, the frogs’ legs quiver and twitch. Then they flip right over. The next moment they jump off your plate and into the lap of your date, who screams out in shock and disgust.

Then you wake up. It was all just a bizarre dream. But just what could it mean?

Meaning(s) of the dream:


Dreams of frogs vary as widely as frogs themselves. With around 4,810 known species, frogs live in most corners of our planet.

Many of these dreams deal with transformation, others with relationships, many come from water, and – being about amphibians – just as many from the land. As with many dreams that seem to be relics of our evolution, or evidence of some primordial Jungian unconscious, dreams of frogs can be deeply unsettling.

So let’s see what it means to dream about frogs.

1. Dreams about frogs

Dream about frogs can be interpreted as messages from our subconscious that relate to facts or situations from our waking lives. Frogs are generally seen at the opposite end of the cute scale than puppies, indeed not too far away from spiders. As such, many people are repulsed by their large bulging eyes and cold moist skin. However, in the esoteric world of dream interpretation, these little creatures are seen in a positive light – usually related to prosperity, good news, financial success, and perhaps most importantly happiness.


2. Dreams of a frog jumping on you

When you dream about a frog jumping on you take heart – it’s a good sign! Whenever a frog leaps in your dreams it’s a symbol of advancement, says Dreams Dictionary. It means victory and prosperity. It’s said you’ll be able to achieve whatever you wish to, and make a lot of money. These dreams appear to show you that you’re ready for the next stage; an ending to something troublesome and now it time to move on. The “leap” would be metaphoric relating to something ready to take off or start something new.

3. Dreams about toads

If the amphibian’s skin is smooth and moist, you’re dreaming of a frog. If it’s dry, rough, and bumpy, then it’s a toad hopping into your dreams. Popular in mythology, toads were usually portrayed as an ugly, gentle creature that often emerged as the hero of a fairytale. However, in medieval ages toads were linked to the devil due to the church’s belief that toads were associated with the witches and witchcraft.

Sounds spooky, right? But happily, if you dream of a toad, it’s actually often a good luck sign says Aunty Flo, but one that requires action, “Much like the story of the frog prince, the toad is a symbol of having to do something that you may not particularly like.”

4. Dreams about a frog in your house

What does it mean to dream of a frog being inside your home? Aunty Flo says this dream symbolises your luck, achievements and inner peace. Happily, to see a frog inside your home means you’ll manage to get everything you’ve planned and even wished for. If you have this dream, get set for good times ahead. It’s said to mean your true intentions and wishes will finally be fulfilled.

5. Dream of frogs and tadpoles

Tadpoles in dreams are said to indicate that you haven’t yet reached your potential. If you see a tadpole or baby frog in the dream, according to Dream Meaning it represents the potential for change into the unexpected. It’s likely that you’re changing directions and starting on a completely new path.

Answering the dream:

In a nutshell, frog dreams represent change. Frogs are linked to transformation by their unique life cycle; they live in water from birth until they evolve from tadpoles to live on land. And just as frogs grow and transform, these dreams represent entering a new chapter of your life. So don’t worry, it’s a good sign! Dreaming about frogs can mean you’re evolving and becoming wiser and smarter. You’re gaining new knowledge and becoming a different person.

Notable appearances in popular culture:

Frogs have filled a variety of important cultural functions for centuries, appearing often in folklore and fairy tales like the Brothers Grimm’s The Frog Prince. In this, and other classic children’s fairy tales, the frog always gets kissed by a young woman, transforming into a handsome prince, before a ‘happy ever after’ ending. If only real-life matchmaking were so simple and successful!

We couldn’t conclude this section without mentioning the world’s most famous ‘amphibian’ – the lovable entertainer Kermit The Frog. Star of two of the most beloved children’s television series of all time, The Muppet Show and Sesame Street, plus dozens of fabulous films, Kermit’s musical gems include It’s Not Easy Being Green and The Rainbow Connection. Even more impressive, Kermit remains the only frog ever to be given the honor of addressing the Oxford Union!

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