What Do Dreams About A New House Mean?

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What does it mean to dream about a new house?

Dreaming of exploring a new house can reveal a lot about how we really feel about ourselves, both the good and the bad. But why is this so? These dreams are seen as significant because we all live in some kind of house or flat; they represent our day-to-day lives and who we are as people.

Many of us can find ourselves in two minds about moving into a new house. This can lead to anxiety if we start dreaming about the subject. You’re leaving behind a place that’s been a sanctuary of safety and security. More than bricks and mortar, it’s a home full of cherished memories. On the other hand, a life-changing move into new house offers a new beginning and the excitement that comes with it.

You’ll probably be wondering whether your dreams of a new house reflect good or bad outcomes in your waking life. So just for you, we’re going to take a look at what the experts have to say.

The Dream:

Stretching your arms wide, you slide open the velvet curtains of your spacious master bedroom. As the sunlight floods in, it’s impossible not to smile and admire the view. The gorgeous aqua-marine ocean, speckled with sparkling silver waves, comes right up to your window and takes your breath away.

Moments later, jogging down a grand mahogany staircase, you count your blessings. You’d never have imagined one day you’d be living in a beach-side mansion with an Olympic-sized infinity pool and its very own tennis court. You sit down for breakfast in a kitchen that’s almost the size of an average house.

But then you wake up in your real home, far away from the sea. You quickly realise it was all just a beautiful dream. But what could it all mean?

The meaning behind a dream of a new house

Moving into a new house can whisk together all sorts of strong emotions. As such, these dreams can reveal much about your emotional well-being. According to Dream Interpretation, there are six main reasons why you might dream about moving into a new house:

  • You’re ready to make changes for a better future – moving into a new home symbolises security and openness to take on new responsibilities and challenges. People who challenge themselves frequently are more likely to be successful and happy.
  • You want to resolve conflict within your family – dreams where you see your family moving into a new house without you suggest that the time has come to focus on broken relationships within your family.
  • You’re wrapped up in other people’s business – if you dream of someone else moving into a new house, this can be seen as a warning you’ve become too involved in that person’s life.
  • You’re concerned about your finances – our dreams often reflect concerns about money. Dreams where you see yourself moving into the wrong house symbolise that you feel anxious and frustrated about your finances.
  • You’re worried about a friend – moving house is such an intimidating concept. As a result, if you see a friend moving into a new home, the dream symbolises your concern about the friend.
  • You want more space to be yourself – some of us need more space than others. Dreaming of your neighbours moving into a new house meant for you can symbolise a need for more personal space.

Variations of the dream

The general meaning of a dream about moving into a new house suggests a new start in life. For most people, dreaming about a new house symbolises your wants and needs to move onto something new.

However, there are variations of the dream and each has a subtly different interpretation.

We explore some of these variations below:



Dreaming about buying a new house

As already touched upon above, the house in your dream represents you. Therefore, buying a house in a dream suggests a connection to a new start. Are you single? If so, buying a house in a dream may represent a new lover. Then again, if you arranged a mortgage on a home in a dream, this can mean that your finances will improve. To view a new house or move into a new house can also represent your plans for a better future.

Dreaming of a house by the ocean

If you’ve had a beach house dream similar to the one described in The Dream section of this article, you may feel like you’re making your dreams come true, or are ready to take your life to the next level, according to Journey Into Dreams.

This dream is also said to mean that you’re looking for a way to escape your current situation in life. The ocean is a powerful symbol for our feelings and in a dream the state of the ocean will reflect your feelings or how you want to feel.

Dreaming about the outside of a house

If you’re outside of the house in your dream, the Dreams Research Council says this has a completely different meaning. Because you’re on the outside looking in, this dream is trying to tell you to do the same; to look inside yourself in your waking life. A period of self reflection is the answer to this dream.

Happily, there are also some positive aspects to having this dream, as it means you’re already looking at the “big picture”, according to Direction into Dreams.

Answering the dream

The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud had an interesting take on ‘house dreams’, according to Aunty Flo. Freud believed that the house symbolises a fear of appearing in front of the world. In a nutshell, it represents a lack of self-confidence, especially of the house in your dream was poorly maintained.

Alternatively, the house represents our internal thoughts, says Flo. Every room is associated with our feelings, so the house dream may range from a frightening experience to an inspiring or enlightening dream. As already touched upon, this is due to the fact that houses are a part of our everyday life.

Freud’s peer Carl Jung had his own ideas about the symbolism of seeing our own house in a dream. Jung believed that if in your own house the rooms were different or unexplored this could signify that there are areas of your life where you need to compartmentalise.

Notable appearances in popular culture:

In the UK, our fixation with property ownership and home improvement has led to the creation of a whole genre of popular television. Think Homes Under the Hammer, Location, Location, Location, and Escape to the Country; the list goes on. It’s no secret that many see them as a status symbol.

This may be why buying and selling houses is right at the very heart of our popular culture. Doug Crawford, CEO of My Home Move, says: ‘Property is a very British obsession, so naturally there are many programmes on our television dedicated to properties of all shapes and sizes. Property is aspirational; whether it’s improving the properties that we own, or building and buying the properties we dream about.”

So what kind of houses are we most likely to dream about? Those that only exist in our imaginations! Research agency Gorkana found that the UK’s top three dream homes are the fictional estate in Downton Abbey, the Southfork Ranch from Dallas and Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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