4 Fun and Popular Themes for Your Kids’ Bedrooms

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By Laura Barns

Kids can be hard to please, especially when it comes to decorating their bedrooms. A bedroom is a personal space, so it’s no wonder that they want to put their personal stamp on it. However, this can lead to neon coloured walls, clashing wallpaper and something that they will grow out of very quickly. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of our favourite kids’ bedrooms themes, so they get the awesome bedroom that they want, but you get something that looks great and won’t need repainting five times over to get rid of the horrendous colours they’ve chosen.

Kids’ Bedrooms – Under the sea

Kids love the seaside, so an underwater theme is always one that will let them use their imagination. Decorate your walls blue and white to symbolise the sea (you could add waves, if you’re feeling creative). Add plenty of sea creatures; painted or stencilled on the walls and some nautical accessories. If your little one is a fan of Spongebob Squarepants, then there are loads of Spongebob themed wallpapers, borders and accessories you can use to brighten things up. Opt for yellow or beige bedding for a ‘beachy’ look. Then finish the look with some plush toys – such as a cute Spongebob or perhaps a character from Finding Nemo.

Pretty Princess

One for the girls. Every girl likes to imagine that she is a little princess, so for this theme opt for pretty pastel pinks. Be sure to include plenty of frills and luxurious materials such as faux fur, satin and silk. Opt for pink walls and if you have some creative skills you can paint a fairytale castle as a centrepiece on one wall. If not, opt for princess style borders and stencils. Such as castles, tiaras and even Disney Princess accessories all being worked into the theme.

Plenty of plump cushions will help give your child’s bed a regal look. You could even opt for a netted canopy for added luxury. If you need a new bed for your child’s room then you could choose a cabin bed, which is perfect as an imaginary castle during playtime. Or you could go for our Little Princess bedstead, which will have your little girl feeling like royalty in no time.

kids' bedrooms - princess theme

Football Fan

Another popular theme for kids’ bedrooms is of course football. Little boys will love decorating their room in a football theme, with memorabilia of their favourite team scattered about. Stick to a traditional blue as a base but opt for bright green, football field inspired walls with a painted goal net on one wall, or go with football stencils or a border to help tie the look together. Don’t forget a picture of their team’s current line-up!

Summer Safari

Kids are fascinated by animals. From trips to the zoo to spotting bunnies along the side of the road. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love everything cute and fluffy? If your little one is an animal fan then let their room be like a wild safari ride, with plenty of cute, cartoon animals to protect them from monsters under the bed. A safari theme should be bright and colourful but we think that sticking to a nice natural base colour, such as green, beige or yellow, will help those animals stand out even more. Don’t stick to regimented designs and opt for randomly placed animals. Such as lions, giraffes, zebras and hippos, with plenty of palm trees, watering holes and background gazelle.

Which is your favourite kids’ bedrooms theme? Let us know in the comments!

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