Being called Dreams ourselves, we’re obviously quite fascinated by them.  Apparently we all have dreams every single night, but in most cases we don’t remember them. Researchers have also found that a great many of us have similar dreams with recurring themes.

To be honest, because sleep matters so much, we’re more concerned that you have a good night’s rest, than whether you dream or not. However, if you would like to know a bit more about the kind of dreams you could be sharing with thousands of others, here’s a rundown of the top 10 in no particular order:

Missing something

What happens here is that you’re rushing to catch a bus, train, boat or plane and you miss it by seconds. To some people this might actually be a nightmare, but for the more chilled out amongst us this dream tends to create a feeling of frustration rather than panic. Experts reckon it all means that you feel you have missed out on an important opportunity in your life.

Not working properly

In this dream you’re operating a machine or using a device like a mobile phone or laptop, that isn’t working properly. Symbolically this can be interpreted in all sorts of meaningful ways, but it’s far more likely that it simply reflects our dependence on technology and the hassles we’re in for when it lets us down.

Losing your teeth

Dentists everywhere could be willing us to dream about extremely decayed or missing teeth, in the hope that we pop in for some expensive treatment.

What these teeth related dramas apparently mean though is that we are afraid of looking unattractive.

Being chased

Someone, somewhere is chasing you and you don’t want to be caught. It all sounds a bit scary, but some dream interpreters see this dream as a positive scenario that is supposedly encouraging us to finally face a problem that has been troubling us for some time.

 Your partner is cheating on you

This is another dream that isn’t as serious as it first sounds. Basically, it’s because your other half is currently spending a lot of time and effort on something that doesn’t involve ‘you’.

Meeting someone famous

It’s not surprising in our current celebrity obsessed world that many of us dream about a face-to-face meeting with a famous person of some description. Whether it’s an A list celebrity or a Z list non-entity could well depend on what kind of TV programmes you prefer.

Flying without wings

Making like a bird and soaring through the sky sounds like a simple, escapist fantasy, but apparently it has two key meanings. One is that it’s encouraging you to let go of something that has become an issue and the second meaning is that it’s a sign of an out of control situation in your life.

Being late for something

Whether you’re dreaming about being late for work or late dropping your kids off at school, this is not a million miles away from the missing a bus or train type dream. It’s generally seen as a sign that you’re overwhelmed and doing too much.

Falling from a great height

This is apparently one of the most common dreams of all and in most people it signifies a feeling of insecurity and not being in control of our lives. Variations on it include the sensation of sinking in water, which is just as unsettling really.

Being naked in a public place

Whether you’re completely starkers or partially clothed, the experts agree that this dream represents vulnerability and anxiety. It also appears to be more common in people who have recently accepted promotion or are off to a new job.

Well, that completes the top 10 most common dreams, but whether you’ve experienced any of them or not, we wouldn’t worry too much about what they might mean. The whole subject of dreams is open to all sorts of interpretations, many of them quite trivial and fairly meaningless, so they’re not worth losing any sleep over.