Mid-Teen Bedroom Design Ideas They Won’t Grow Out Of

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There comes a point in every child’s life when it’s time to ditch the character bed sheets, tone down the football wallpaper and opt for a more grown-up room. Teens aged between 12 and 15 often feel in-between stages in their lives; too old to be a child and not quite old enough to be an adult. So how can you style a bedroom for them that won’t need replacing in a year’s time? Take a look at our favourite teen design ideas.

Make it changeable

First thing’s first, you’ll need to choose a colour scheme. Your teenager might have some interesting ideas about which colours to choose for walls and flooring, and you may not always see eye to eye. However, it’s important to show that you value their opinion and remember it’s their room, not yours.

Ideal Home says, ‘If you’re concerned about their changeable tastes and desire to keep up with trends, keep the basic wall colour neutral and use cool bedroom accessories and fresh bed linen to update the space and give it personality.’

When choosing a base colour, remember it doesn’t have to be magnolia. Incorporate pastels and greys for a cool, Scandinavian style. Monochromes give a striking result when paired with splashes of colour. If black is their desired colour, opt for a sophisticated dark grey instead. This will be a lot easier to style out if they grow out of the phase.

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Teenage girl in her bedroom


Teenagers have a lot of stuff. Trying to keep all that stuff stored away neatly is no easy task. That’s why clever storage is so important when it comes to redecorating a teen bedroom. They’ll still want a stylish space but without big bulky furniture. The key is to use storage that’s hidden away or that can double up as furniture, especially in bedrooms that lack floor space or can only fit a single bed.

  • Under bed storage is ideal because it doesn’t take up extra floor space. Store items that aren’t regularly used like board games and clothes that are ‘off season’, such as summer outfits in the winter. Divan bed bases can be a great option for this!
  • Day beds are a fantastic addition to any teen hideaway. Get one with storage drawers underneath to fit spare bedding for sleepovers.
  • For extra seating in your teen’s bedroom, a bench ottoman provides a perfect solution. There’s also loads of extra storage inside, perfect for holding shoes or bags.
  • Shelving is essential for keeping books and trinkets safe. Install wall shelves to free up extra floor space or create a shelving wall for optimum storage.

Décor Blanc et 2 Fonds reversibles Mastic-Dragée et Blanc-Noir

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Life as a teenager is all about stamping your identity. Whatever ‘scene’ your teen is into, they’ll probably want to shout about it or celebrate it in some way. That’s why it’s so important for them to have a space that feels personal.

For creative youngsters, let them produce their own artwork. Buy canvases and give them a task to complete something worth hanging in their room. This looks super cool when spray painted with a graffiti design and will instantly give a cool street vibe to the space. Mandala shapes will bring a bohemian feel to their nest or get them to bring their favourite song lyrics to life to add some musical influence.

Graffiti teen bedroom design

Courtesy of Chris Everard at Ideal Home

Alternatively, create a ‘washing line’ across their wall with mini pegs to hang up photos, posters and drawings. These can be changed as often as they like, meaning the décor will grow as they do. It will also give them a chance to show the things that are most important to them without ruining the freshly painted walls in the process.

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You probably rarely see your teen except for when they creep out of their bed cave for food, school or when they ask for a lift to their friend’s house. A recent study by On Side Youth Zones revealed that 66% of teenagers spend most of their leisure time in their bedrooms. Therefore, it has to be a space where they can relax, socialise, study and sleep.

Teenager working at her desk in bedroom

Create zones within the bedroom to allow for comfortable areas to keep the brain switched on and to allow it to turn off when necessary. Fold-down desks incorporated into book shelves are excellent space-savers and will allow your teen to work and create effectively. A day bed will act as an area for sleeping and relaxing but also entertaining when friends come around.

We hope you manage to create a space that both you and your teenager love! Let us know your own tips in the comments.

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