Easy updates for kids’ bedrooms

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Last Modified 15 February 2024 First Added 2 August 2022

Discover our clever ideas for updating and organising your children’s bedrooms.

We understand the daily demands of being a parent: tidying up after playtime, seeking storage for clothes and gadgets, finding space for them to do their homework, etc. The solution? We’ve got multitasking beds and lots of ideas at Dreams that’ll give maximum storage and plenty of enjoyment.

A pastel rainbow-design toddler bed, styled in a colourful kids room with rainbow-print wallpaper.
Rainbow Kids Velvet-Finish Bed Frame


Rainbow Kids Velvet-Finish Bed Frame

Toddler beds

Our toddler beds have been designed with safety, comfort, and fun in mind.

We understand that getting your little one to sleep can sometimes be a challenge. With an air of whimsy, our Rainbow Toddler Bed is perfect for sparking their imagination and inspiring great sleep. Its softly padded headboard, soft velvet-touch finish and low rise design make it an inviting choice for little dreamers. Discover more characterful designs that’ll make your little one fall in love with their bedroom and (hopefully!) sleep all the way through.

For a sleep solution that will suit your child from birth, the Silentnight Koko Cot Bed is complete with removable side rails. With this simple adjustment, this cot bed becomes a toddler bed suitable for up to 4 years’ old. The full collection includes a matching wardrobe and chest of drawers with changing station, so you can create a cohesive look for your little one with ease.

Erin Kids Bunk Bed


Erin Kids Bunk Bed

Multitasking bunk beds

Bunk beds aren’t only great for sleeping, some styles include handy storage, a desk for doing homework or a place for kids to play – so they can really make the most of their bedrooms.

With more storage than your little ones will know what to do with (bold statement, we know), the Erin Bunk Bed will give your kids space to grow, play and express themselves.

Solidly constructed with the option to add an extra under-bed drawer for even more hiding places, the bunk bed has a white frame to suit any interior style. With six built-in storage compartments and two shelves, your little dreamers will rest easy knowing they can keep their favourite teddies, night lights and bedtime stories close by.

A pink velvet single kids sleigh bed, with storage drawer, styled in a whimsical pastel-tone kids room.
Paige Kids Velvet-Finish Bed Frame


Paige Kids Velvet-Finish Bed Frame

Spark their imagination with character or themed accessories

Get creative with accessories that reflect your child’s personality and passions.

Maybe they dream about being an astronaut? Create a stars and planets theme with printed bed linen, glow-in-the-dark stickers and a skyscape painted on the walls or ceiling. Or, perhaps they’re really into nature? They’ll love to be surrounded by birds, flowers and animals in the form of bedroom furniture, wall art, textiles and more.

Colour schemes for kids’ bedrooms

It’s worth considering colours carefully when you’re decorating your child’s bedroom.

Warm and bold colours like yellow and red are energising and stimulating – great for during the day but maybe not such a good idea when you’re trying to get them to sleep! Think about using these colours in moderation, perhaps with accent rugs and cushions. Cool colours like blue, grey and green are known to calm the mind and body and improve concentration, so they can be helpful for children who have trouble sleeping.

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Dawson Single Ottoman Sound System Bed


Dawson Single Ottoman Sound System Bed

Teenage bedroom ideas

As they get older, kids will inevitably grow out of their beds and tastes, but they’ll always need space to stash their things away.

An ottoman bed with storage underneath, is the ideal solution, giving them somewhere to keep everything from spare bedding to textbooks and their shoe collection. Encourage them to express their new-found individuality by creating a feature wall. They could hang their favourite photos on a bunting, or maybe even have a wall for graffitiing if they’re into art? As homework and exams ramp up, they’ll benefit from a dedicated study space. Pick out a corner and add a small desk, chair and lamp.

Older teenagers may appreciate a double bed to sleep in, if there’s enough space in their room. If your teen bedroom doesn’t have the space for a double, you could always compromise with a queen size bed.

For more tips on making the most of all the bedrooms in your home, check out our ‘solutions’ features in Inspire me.

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