Interpreting Your Dreams

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Last Modified 2 June 2021 First Added 22 May 2014

By Laura Barns

Many of us have dreamt that our teeth were falling out or that we were walking down the street naked. Dreams are often personal but there are some common themes that are shared in virtually everyone’s nightly reveries. We all share the same joys and fears so it makes sense that we all might share the same dreams, however interpreting these so that they shed some light on our current situation is another task altogether.

To help you with interpreting what your dreams may mean we did a little research here at Dreams and here are some of the most common dreams that we found, along with their meanings:

Falling or flying?

When you fall in your dreams it represents that there are risks you are willing to take to satisfy your ambitions. It can also mean that you feel threatened about losing something really important to you and your life balance, such as unemployment. Try to figure out what is bothering you; there will be something in the back of your mind.

Flying is on the other hand, a form of escape. When everyday life is too hard to bear, the imaginary life of our dreams compensates us. If we feel that our life is stifling, we will find ourselves dreaming about flying like a bird, far away from the pressures of everyday life.

Losing your teeth

Image of little boy losing teeth
Teeth are a symbol of life, vitality and energy, so losing them in your dreams means that your energy is a bit low. It can also mean that you are afraid of growing old and dying (or worried about your friends). According to the legend, during the French Revolution, Queen Marie Antoinette dreamt about losing her teeth; she then went on to lose her head on the guillotine, so sometimes there is a valid reason for having bad dreams.

Naked as the day you were born

No need to blush, dreaming that you are naked is one of the most common dreams there is. Without getting too deep, it often means you’re feeling vulnerable or sensitive to criticism. Alternatively, it can mean that there is something you don’t want people to know about or it can even mean you want people to notice you more.

Drowning!  It needn’t be a bad thing

Image of dream interpreting of two girls swimming

As unbelievable as it sounds, dreaming about drowning isn’t necessarily as worrying as you might think. If you are the one getting drowned, happiness and luck should be on your side. If someone saves you from drowning it means that you will soon meet someone trustworthy. If you are the rescuer, it means that you will be able to handle a tricky situation in the future.

Run for it

Being chased by a stranger reveals an internal conflict between two aspects of your character, the difference between your behaviour and your real personality. It can also mean that you have neglected a problem and that the situation is catching up with you

Interpreting missing your train

Missing a train is also one of the most common dreams. It reveals a frustration, against being held back by your own lack of direction. Do you feel that life is passing you by? Don’t lose your self-confidence and don’t miss the next train!

These are just some of the more common dreams that people have, so if one of them should pop up one night when you’re fast asleep, at least you’ll have a better idea of what it means.

Tell us about your dreams and we’ll do the interpreting to find out what they may mean!

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