Where To Keep A Spare Bed With No Spare Room?

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Last Modified 14 June 2023 First Added 23 October 2019

By Chris Clark

It’s nice to have the opportunity to have guests stay the night, whether it’s because they’ve travelled for a visit, or because a few extra glasses of wine have meant it’s safer for them to bunk with you.

However, if your bedrooms are already fully occupied or if you’re living somewhere with one bedroom, then it can be difficult to offer up a suitable place for your guests to sleep. But where can you keep a spare bed with no spare room?

Keep a spare bed under the bed!

This is the simplest solution if you find yourself compromised on space when guests come knocking. Simply keep a spare bed under your bed!

Another option for this clever storage hack is to pull it out completely and place the bed in another room as a temporary solution for more privacy.

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Bunking up

If you regularly host throughout the year, then you’re probably used to having to put up family. Thankfully family are more than happy to bunk up with relatives and don’t necessarily require a room of their own. For this reason, installing a bunk bed in one of your children’s room is a good way to keep a spare bed constantly ready to go.

Dreams bunk bed

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As well as this you don’t have to worry about taking up any more space. The bunk bed will be the same width as a single bed, though offer much more opportunity. At Dreams, we have a range of different styles including ones with storage shelves. This means your child can use it or it can be kept as space for your guests to place their personal items. If safety’s a concern, check out our bunk bed safety guide.

Another option is to choose a cabin bed for your child. These often have enough space underneath that you can fit a single mattress underneath for storage. The Tinsley Highsleeper with desk options has a chair that pulls out to become a single bed; perfect for single adults or children. Not sure what kind of loft bed you need? Check out our guide on how to choose between a high-sleeper and mid-sleeper.

Sofa so good

If you’re looking for something more luxurious but lack space, you could consider getting a sofa bed. We’ve got a ton of comfortable sofa beds, over the years they’ve come a long way, and today you can pick one up that barely looks like it transforms into a bed! It’s a good opportunity to surprise your guests who might think there’s a lack of sleeping space, follow up with a Penn & Teller style ‘tadaaa’ when you make the comfy reveal.

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Instead, if you have a sofa in a bedroom or as extra seating in a communal area then swap it for one of these. They’re ideal for a quick solution and can even be handy if you or your partner are ill!

If you don’t have the space to pull out a sofa bed, then consider a day bed. These are more narrow than single mattress dimensions but still, provide enough space to sleep comfortably on. They’re ideal for a box room which you would only otherwise use as an office. If you’re really tight on space, you could use it as a seat for a wall mounted desk.

Take a big breath . . .

Finally, an airbed is a good option for one night, especially if you get a good quality one. They often come with a pump so don’t worry; you won’t really have to blow them up yourself! What’s more is they’re incredibly easy to store away. This means you won’t have any issues about where to keep it when it’s not in use.

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And if all else fails? Then the sofa is never too bad an option.

Let us know how you got on with finding where to keep your spare bed in the comments section!

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