What Do Dreams Of Dancing Mean?

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What does it mean to dance in your dreams?

When examining dream meanings, dancing is almost always seen as a positive and exciting activity. Dancing dreams are said to signify confidence, cheer, merry-making and general happiness. It may come as a surprise to learn, however, that dreaming about dancing can also sometimes be symbolic of a cry for freedom, possible trust issues in your inner circle, and a battle with anxiety.

As part of our series of articles about dream interpretation we explore dancing dreams.

The dream:

It’s Friday night and the lights are low. The dancefloor is heaving, the rhythm is pounding and you’re shaking your body to the most incredible music you’ve ever heard. All around you are smiling faces – just like in Abba’s Dancing Queen, everyone’s having the time of their lives!

You feel like the world’s greatest dancer as all your moves are cheered on wildly by the crowd. You feel nothing but joy and excitement as the music drives you on to show off ever more daring and outlandish shapes: the salsa, the samba, the moonwalk – even the robot!

Then utter silence and darkness descend. You awaken to find yourself under the duvet, toes still tapping away to an imaginary beat. It was all just a wonderful dream – but just what could it mean?

Variations of the dream:

Dancing can manifest in your dreams in many different ways and this is universally experienced by people all over the world. Dreams of watching yourself dancing as a spectator, dancing at a party or being asked to dance by a stranger are some of the most common variations. As with all dream interpretation, however, the dream itself is less important than the elements of it.

Meaning(s) of the dream:

Dreams about dancing have been written about for thousands of years. Notably, explanations of dancing in dreams are often mentioned in the Bible with dancing often used as a way to praise God and express worship.

In the past, people would interpret dreams using the Biblical meaning of their dream symbols. Dancing is described as a celebration after a significant victory and among the many Bible references, in the Book of Samuel in the Old Testament, David is mentioned “dancing before the Lord in all his might”.

In modern times dancing is still a symbol of victory and achievement and many of us like to dance to celebrate achieving something special in life.

The interpretation of your dream will rest on your own unique life experience. Although no single meaning and interpretation will perfectly fit your dream about dancing it’s a fascinating subject to explore.

Common meanings behind dreams of dancing

These kind of dreams can vary from those in which you are dancing by yourself to those in which you are an observer. You may also dream of dancing with a group of friends or strangers. Dream observers attribute various different meanings to each of these.

Here are some of the most common versions of this dream.

1. Dancing with a woman

Whether you’re male or female dancing with a woman in your dream – this is said to signify an unexpected blessing in your life. Dancing with a woman is believed to be highly symbolic of positive virtues such as fortune and favour.

Dreaming about dancing with a woman could signify great luck coming your way completely out of the blue. If you were intimately slow dancing, a common interpretation is that you’ll be lucky enough to meet the love of your life in the days ahead. Hopefully you don’t already have a partner if you do have this dream!

2. Watching yourself dancing

If you’ve ever observed yourself dancing in a dream, you should know it simply means that you’re completely expressing yourself. Your dream is likely to be a platform for you to be your true self and showcase your feelings. A dream about dancing where you’re both the dancer and spectator is symbolic of your future, specifically your life in old age.

Happily, watching yourself dance is said to mean you’ll enjoy your old age, or the years still ahead of you. All the plans you have for retirement will work out.

3. Dancing with someone

It’s quite common to dream about dancing in a group if you’re often thinking about expanding your social circle and making new friends. If you want a more vibrant social life, no one else but you can make it happen. This dream could well be a sign that it’s time to put yourself out there more.

Dreams about dancing with friends can also highlight a need to do more professional networking which can expose you to amazing opportunities, in turn providing more chances to dance outside your dreams.

4. Dancing at a party

Dreaming about having a good time dancing at a party may indicate that you’ll soon be delighted and proud of yourself for something special you achieve in your waking life. These dreams are quite common and nearly always have a positive meaning. If you do  have this dream, prepare yourself for good news, it could be that you’ll earn a promotion, have success in business, or it could be a good time to have a go at the lottery!

5. Being asked to dance

If someone approaches you and invites you to dance with them in may be a sign that in real life, you may be trying to avoid something, commit, or making a decision.

Answering the dream:

Although there may not be a definite meaning, your brain is processing things as you sleep, so it can show areas that need your attention. As mentioned earlier, dreaming about dancing almost always reflects positive meanings, it’s probably a good sign that you’re happy and content in life, so it is certainly nothing to worry about.

Notable appearances in popular culture:

Many of us love to dance at parties and go out dancing with our friends. Some even go and watch dance shows to see performances of dance styles such as contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, ballroom and Latin, as they are the most significant in popular culture and enjoyed by the masses.

Indeed today the portrayal of dancing is more widespread than ever before in many different cultures. It has become mainstream entertainment in countries all around the world. This can range from some of the most successful and highest viewed television shows, from Strictly Come Dancing to The Masked Dancer, to classic films that we all know and love such as Dirty Dancing and West Side Story.

Just like dancing, flying in your dreams has a meaning to your waking life. For more, take a look at what being chased in your dream means, or what dreaming about running late means.

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