The Stress Free Checklist For Moving Home

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By Leigh Horan

Moving home is an incredibly stressful time for us all, no matter how many times you’ve done it before. There’s always at least one thing that gets overlooked and with so much to keep track of that’s hardly surprising. But never fear! This stress free checklist for moving home tracks all the necessary steps you should be taking, from making sure you’ve accounted for all the little costs, to unpacking afterwards. The infographic details how, what and when you should be packing, how to handle children and pets and what you need for the big day. So read on to be as informed – and as stress free! – as you can for your impending move.

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The Stress Free Checklist For Moving Home – Transcript

6 Weeks To Go

Confirm your moving date and book what you might need for the big day:

  • Removal Company
  • Any rental vans
  • Packaging companies
  • Contents Insurance
  • Postal Redirection

It’s important to get organised well in advance of the big move.

Kick start your organisation by getting the optimum number of boxes needed for the move.

Type of Dwelling                                                             # of boxes

Studio                                                                                   10-20

1 Bedroom Apartment                                                      20-40

2 Bedroom Apartment                                                     40-60

2 Bedroom House                                                             60-80

3 Bedroom House                                                            80-100

4 Bedroom House                                                            100-120

Larger                                                                                 120+


TIP Remember to pack things in forgotten areas such as the garden shed and attic

Purchase sets of 4 different coloured labels to use on your boxes:

Items to keep

Items to bin

Items to donate or sell

Items to be decided

If you are downsizing consider matching the amount of boxes you will need to the side of your next home, not your current one. You are here.

4 weeks to go

Notifying the necessary people of your impending move is just the tip of the iceberg.

Moving home should always be an exciting experience but there comes a time in the process where you need to tackle the boring stuff.

Companies that need to be motivated of your move are:

Utility companies – Water, Gas, Electricity – tell the suppliers of your intended move date so they can send you your final bill

Internet provider – Check you can transfer your current deal and how long this will take

Schools – Make sure any information about your children’s education has been forwarded on to their new school

Doctors & Dentists – Register at both in your new area and your current practice will forward your details

Opticians – Get an up-to-date copy of your prescription if you don’t have it already

Vet Records – Register at your new vet so they can get the historical information of your pet

Kids On Moving Day

If you’re finding it hard to decide whether or not to keep your children with you on the day of the big move then we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to help you make your decision


Many hands make light work! Assign small tasks to your children to help with all the little tasks. These could include:

  • Dusting
  • Carrying light items such as bedding
  • Unpacking books and organising bookshelves
  • Unpacking their own belonging and deciding how they’d like their room


Add more stress to an already stressful day

  • Carrying heavy furniture whilst trying to keep an eye on your kids is no small task
  • Making sure you’re sufficiently fed and watered during a move is enough of a struggle without having to make sure your children are too

Beware of your food shopping habits. Consider using up all the foods you have stored in the freezer over the next 4 weeks. If you find you’re getting stuck, head to for some gourmet guidance.

2 weeks to go

As your move looms ever closer it’s time to start packing up your old home in preparation for the new. It’s also a time for decision making – as you finalise exactly what you’ll be taking with you. When it comes to clothes, be practical. 44. UK adults only use 44% of the clothes in their wardrobe regularly. Use the 2 year rule. Anything you have not used in the last two years, you should sell or giveaway.

‘Don’t start packing without a strategic plan.’ – Paula Pant, Forbes.

Focusing on one room at a time is the most efficient way to manage the process. Assess which room has the least amount of stuff which is used on a daily basis and start there.

TIP Some rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom will contain lots of items not used on a regular basis. Start with these items first.

Use the smallest boxes for your heaviest items and largest boxes for the lightest items. Clean each room when you have completed packaging everything away and then tick off the room on a list.

1 Week To Go

As your move looms ever closer it’s time to begin tidying up the final loose ends and getting most of your belongings safely packed up. Print out multiple routes to your new home to account for problems or traffic on the day of the move.

The Survival Kit

  • All necessary paperwork and important numbers
  • Torch
  • Toilet roll
  • Packed lunch and plenty to drink
  • Phone and charger
  • Pen and paper
  • Hand cream
  • Pyjamas
  • Clean outfit

Finish packing your most used items around the house after you have used them for the final time.

The Day Before

The finish line is in sight. Hopefully you’re all packed and ready to go and all that’s left to do is give your old home a clean. Make sure you’ve packed enough refreshments for the day ahead for everyone that’s moving with you. Charge your phone and keep your charger nearby. Keep the kettle to hand. A cup of tea always helps in stressful situations.

‘You can never underestimate how the small things, such as drinking a cup of tea, can help you feel at home’ – Phil Spencer

Make sure all your keys are packed away in your Survival Kit

TIP Leave spare paints in the room they are relevant to to help the new owners

The Cleaning Caddy

Keeping a caddy full of cleaning equipment aside means you can quickly reach for any necessary supplies in both your old home and your new without having to rummage in hundreds of boxes.

1 Window Cleaner to get every last spot gleaming

2 Rubber Gloves prevents bleach getting onto hands

3 Scourers for scrubbing

4 Multi-Purpose Cleaner safe for kitchen surfaces

5 Bleach eliminates tough stains

6 Cloths for wiping and drying

Moving Day

The big day is finally here and it’s time to make your new abode into your home. As the most stressful day in all your preparation so far, it’s important to stay level-headed for a smooth move.

TIP Before you leave your old home take photos of the water, electricity and gas meter readings and do the same as soon as you move into your new home.

Have the means to play music so everyone can enjoy themselves throughout the process. Music you love is also particularly beneficial in stressful events and will help relax you and your moving crew. Unpack the kettle and make the first round in your new home. Avoid tempers flaring from hunger pains by looking up local takeaways now. JustEat has all you need to know about your newly local restaurants.

When it comes to the bedroom build the bed first so you at least have somewhere to sleep at the end of the day. Don’t put anything else in this area and have it as a calm space to relax in.

After The Move

So you’ve successfully moved into your new home and now boxes are strewn everywhere. Try not to give in to the temptation of unpacking slowly and instead set yourself a deadline of when you’d like to be unpacked by and stick to it.

Make sure you inform the following of your change of address as soon as possible

  • DVLA
  • Inland Revenue
  • The local council
  • Banks
  • Credit card companies

Your credit rating will be affected if you fail to register on the electoral role at your new address

TIP If you didn’t already, then move boxes to the rooms they correspond to now. This means that even if the unpacking drags on, your belongings are still in the right space.

We hope this guide has helped you to make an organised and stress-free transition from your old house to your new home. We wish you all the happiness in your new abode and hope you’ll keep these steps in mind if you decide to move again.

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