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Do you think you’re getting an adequate amount of sleep? Want to find out how you can improve it?

Whether you’d consider yourself a sleep prodigy or a night-time novice, at the Sleep Matters Club we know catching the right amount of zzz’s isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve put together the Sleep Health Calculator, with 10 simple questions to measure your sleep quality, followed by expert solutions to help you drift off to the land of nod.

The time has come to step up to the pillow!

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How many hours of sleep do you get per night?

How many hours before bed do you stop drinking caffeine?

Do you sleep with pets in the bed?

How many times do you hit the snooze button each morning?

How many units of alcohol do you typically consume in the evening?

(1/2 pint of 3.5% beer = 1 unit. 125ml 12% wine = 1.5 units. 25ml 40% spirit = 1 unit)

How many hours of tech free time do you have before bed?

How many hours before bed do you eat your evening meal? 

How many years old is your mattress? 

How often (in days) do you change your change sheets?

Are you feeling stressed? 


Super sleeper

Your score is %

Congratulations, you sleep guru!

Looks like you’ve mastered the art of slumber and won’t be needing our help. But if you’d like to further improve upon your sleep quality, read on for some additional advice from our sleep experts!

Room for improvement

Your score is %

Turns out you sleep pretty well, but it could be better.

You need to achieve at least 88% to step up and be a super sleeper! So consider making small changes to your daily routine to catch those extra zzz’s. For example, take a look at how many hours of sleep you get, your caffeine intake and the comfort of your bed to achieve a perfect night’s sleep. Read on for some simple solutions from our sleep experts.

Terrible sleeper

Your score is %

Yikes! Go back to bed!

Your sleep health is significantly suffering and it’s a mystery how you’re still able to function. Whether this low score is due to stress, caffeine, technology or your bed, we're here to help! You need to score over 50% to advance to the next level, so read on for our simple solutions from our sleep experts to help you get a much needed good night’s sleep!

Sleep Solutions For You

Hours of sleep

Although you’ve probably heard it many times before, the Sleep Health Foundation recommends getting between 7 and 9 hours of sleep a night if you’re an adult...

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While, for most of us, caffeine may seem like an essential part of your day, it can prohibit a good night’s sleep and could be what’s keeping you up at night...

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It’s often hard to say no to our beloved furry friends, but sharing your bed with your pet can have a negative impact on your sleep quality...

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The snooze button

Although the snooze button seems to be your faithful friend, it can have bad consequences on your sleep health. So even though those stolen minutes...

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As another nightcap that we regularly indulge in, alcohol surprisingly prohibits sleep. Although it induces a drowsy effect which actually...

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In this day and age, tech free time seems almost impossible and around 78% of people use a smartphone, tablet or laptop before...

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Even though it’s convenient on a super busy day, having a late dinner could be the cause of your sleep problems...

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An old mattress could be the culprit if you’re suffering from sleepless nights. Aged mattresses eventually lose their support...

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The state of your sheets and your sleep environment can also play a huge role in your sleep quality and not...

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Stress is a huge factor in keeping people awake at night and many of us toss and turn due to anxiety...

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Still struggling to drift off? Fear not, because the Sleep Matters Club has got you covered with continuous content which aimed at improving the nation’s sleep! Browse the articles below for more information on potential sleep mistakes you could be making and our new Sleep Matter app which helps you track your sleep.

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