The Meanings of Dreams Beginning with J

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The Meanings of Dreams Beginning with J

Symbols are the language of dreams that connect your inner world (subconscious) to your outer world (conscious). Understanding the symbolism of your dreams and the meaning of a particular dream theme lets you apply that awareness to a specific situation in your waking life.

Here we explore the most common dream symbols with letter J and what they could mean to your waking life. These descriptions of popular dreams should help you gain a better understanding of a situation in order for you to take meaningful action.

For the psychological view on what dreams mean, check out our full guide to why we dream.

The meaning of the letter 'J'

The letter J was first introduced into the alphabet in the 15th Century, and was first printed around the year 1640. Previously the letter I was often the letter that stood for the J sound. According to Name Echo, the letter J is symbolic of ambition and people’s readiness to take on any task to achieve their goals. J can also be the letter of justice, so those who have it in their name want things to be fair and balanced – that’s you Justin, Joan, James, and Joanna!

Common dreams beginning with the letter J

Now let’s discover some of the symbols behind the dreamlike images that begin with the letter J.

1. Dream about going to jail

Dreaming about being sent to jail can be be a unsettling nightmare that can haunt your consciousness long after awakening. You may well be unnecessarily tormenting yourself, worried you’ve forgotten some wrongdoing or slip up that could lead to jail in your waking life. Happily, dreaming about jail doesn’t mean you need to prepare for life behind bars, but in most cases they aren’t exactly a positive sign. Indeed, dreams about jail usually symbolise either physical or emotional confinement, or represent complications arising in future.

2. Dream about escaping jail

If you’ve ever managed the feat of escaping from a jail in your dream, you should remember that this dream is usually seen as a warning symbol. So says Check My Dream which explains that prison represents a trap, but also relative protection. As such, this dream is a message from your subconscious which reveals your inability to fulfill plans. If you have it, you’re recommended to think long and hard before taking any radical actions.

3. Dream about an old job

It’s very common to dream about jobs we’ve had in the past and which we may have worked in for years. You might find yourself back in the office where you used to work in conversation with an old boss. It can feel as though time has stood still and no-one has aged since you left. This dream its usually a reflection of ‘unfinished business” from your subconscious. The first question to ask yourself is how do you feel about this old job? Was it a job you loved, or was it a job that caused you stress and emotional damage.

4. Dream about a new job

Starting a new job in your dream can cause strong feelings of nerves and apprehension. This dream is said to signal your need for a change in scenery. It can also reveal a desire to escape from an unwelcome situation you find yourself in. This dream means you’re ready to explore and grow as an individual and have a need to be reenergised and revitalised.

Dreaming about a new job can also represent your fears that you may not be up for the challenge you face or that you cannot meet other people’s expectations. It may be that there’s some imbalance in some aspect of your life.

5. Dream about jellyfish

Whether you’ve dreamt of seeing a jellyfish, swimming close to a jellyfish, or were even stung by a jellyfish, this dream highlights a need to protect yourself in your waking life. It also means you might need to make some significant changes to your attitude on life. Think about how you can be more flexible in order to avoid allowing some opportunities to pass you by. Jellyfish dreams can also mean you need to be more protective over those closest to you.

6. Dream about jewellery

Dreaming of wearing jewellery is said to symbolise success and career progress. Happily, the meaning is very positive as your status is set to rise, alongside the amount of respect you get from people around you. “Dreams about jewelry indicate prosperity, progress, success and other beneficial things,” according to Dream Astro Meaning.

7. Dream about jade

A precious gemstone considered by many to be lucky, Jade is said to facilitate peace and harmony in four aspects of life: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Dreaming about jade can represent both the idea of ‘hardness in thinking’ and how loosening up can lead to rebirth. Dreaming of a jade necklace can embody the idea of recognising your true power, and can also represent a commitment to self healing.

8. Dream about jumping

Dreams experts believe that jumping over something in dreams represent achieving goals in your waking life, making it one of the most positive dream meanings. It also means you’re determined to reach your expectations. According to Dream Dictionary, “Jumping in our dreams mainly consist of leaping over buildings, water, walls, and sometimes if we get high enough we may even float in the air. Due to its close association with flying, jumping in our dreams often leads to new advancements, breakthroughs, spiritual ascension and overcoming major challenges that once hindered us in the past.”

Dream about jealously

If you’ve ever felt a strong sense of jealousy during a dream it can be seen as holding up a mirror to the feelings you’re experiencing in your waking life. You may have a sense of abandonment and wish that things could be different in your current situation.

When jealousy enters your dreams you should decide whether or not your feelings are fair, says Aunty Flo. You should make sure you’re doing the right thing for yourself and others in your waking life.

10. Dream about a jackhammer

Dreams which prominently feature a jackhammer (a pneumatic drill) represent “breaking back into an old project, relationship or goal in order to re-think a deep design flaw or misunderstanding,” according to Dream Meaning. Whether it’s you or someone else using this powerful tool, this dream can mean you’ll need to be prepared for some real frustration. Why? Because you’re going to have to have to completely demolish something you’d believed to be complete in order to rework the foundations it was built upon. If you ever have this dream, get set to make some drastic changes in your life and prepare to be flexible.

Do you ever experience any of the most common J dreams?  Check out our guide on dream meanings for a full guide on why we dream and the psychology behind our night-time journeys. If you are prone to nightmares, take a look at these bad dreams and their meanings. To find all the meanings behind your dreams, take a look at our Dream Encyclopaedia.

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