Your Simple Guide to Space Saving Beds

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In today’s fast-paced world, where space constraints are becoming increasingly prevalent, finding creative ways to maximise the functionality of our living areas is essential. So, make sure you join us as we uncover the world of space-saving beds – inspiring you to transform your living environment into a harmonious blend of comfort and style.

Let’s reclaim some valuable square footage together…

1. Ottoman Storage Beds

Grove Ottoman Space Saving Bed


For storage and solace, the ottoman bed is an easy and convenient way to stow away the kids’ toys or your own clothes, towels and linen. Simply lift the lid on which the mattress sits, and just like opening the boot of your car, this stylish, luxurious and comfortable piece of furniture becomes a bed-sized box. You can get so much within it! Combine with a chest of drawers or a small wardrobe, and you’ll have space-saving storage in abundance.

2. Divans with Drawers

Ash Divan Space Saving Bed

Divan beds with drawers are an easier alternative to access under mattress storage, without any strain of lifting. There are usually two, or even four, easily accessible drawers to ensure optimum bedroom storage space.

Although the space may not be as generous as the storage offered by our ottoman, divans – they still offer plenty of room that can help reduce clutter and, consequently, make your bedroom look, and feel, more spacious.

3. Sofa beds

Limerick Sofa and Space Saving Bed

As a practical and painless way of transforming a living room into a guest room, a sofa bed is a wonderfully convenient space-savvy slumber sanctuary. For the smaller studio flat or simply for people who regularly welcome guests into their homes, a sofa bed will always come in handy.

As a simple sofa during the day and a comfortable bed at night, these compact sleep solutions take up half of your usual furniture space. They are also ideal for lazy weekends as when they open out, they can accommodate nearly double the people a standard sofa could. Not only do they offer perpetual practicality, but they are equally as comfortable as a regular bed, ensuring luxury and relaxation every day.

If you need any further help choosing a sofa bed, be sure to check out our sofa bed buying guide.

4. Folding Beds

Folding Beds

The comfort, convenience and compactness of a folding bed is a sophisticated step up from a sleeping bag and a nifty way of impressing your guests. Folding beds boast fully automatic folding legs which open independently in seconds to give you extra sleeping space.

5. Cabin Beds


Cabin beds are an incredible space-saving kids’ bed option for children’s rooms where every square foot counts. They work wonders by cleverly utilising vertical space. With their elevated design, they come equipped with built-in drawers and shelves, offering ample storage options for toys, books, clothes, and all the treasures that come with childhood. Everything can have its place, allowing for a tidy and clutter-free room – perfect for play, study, or even a cosy reading nook underneath.

Find more help and advice with our guest beds guide and storage beds guide.

If you want to take a closer look at our space-saving bed frames for adults and kids, why not pop into your nearest Dreams store and talk through the options with one of our experts?


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