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How to choose the perfect guest bed

Last updated: April 2024

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Whether it’s birthdays, seasonal holidays, children’s sleepovers, or family occasions – there usually comes a time when we have guests over to stay. Whether you want a temporary sleeping space or a fully functional guest bedroom, you’re likely to want to weigh up your choices in guest beds. There are many different types of guest beds and we’re going to show you what we have available, what styles are best suited to different needs, and recommend some mattresses to fit our guest bed frames too.

What is a guest bed?

A guest bed is essentially named after what it is – a bed for your guests – and there are lots of different types of guests beds available. Some are ideal for last-minute sleepovers in the living room, while others are designed as a stylish piece of furniture for a spare bedroom.

Which beds are best for guests and spare rooms?

The most important factor when deciding which guest bed is best is whether it's a temporary or permanent sleeping space. Our guest beds are all either multi-use or able to be hidden away, making them perfect for short-term use if you don’t have a full spare room. For a spare room where there’s room for a permanent bed, explore our storage bed guide instead.

The list below highlights all the different types of guest beds we have on offer. Each bed has its own benefits depending on you and your guests’ needs.

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What should you consider when choosing a mattress for a guest bed?

If you choose a sofa bed, folding bed or air bed, you won’t require a separate mattress for your guest bed.

However, you’ll need one or more standard single mattresses for a day bed, and you can choose from our selection of memory foam, pocket sprung and traditional sprung single mattresses. As guest beds are only used occasionally, spending between £100 and £250 will get you a good mattress. Our traditional spring mattresses are at the lower end of this budget and are ideal for guest beds. For more comfort, you could upgrade to pocket spring or memory foam mattresses.

It’s important to choose the right comfort grade for your day bed mattress, as a mattress that’s too soft or too firm could be uncomfortable for your guests. A medium mattress is the perfect balance for guest beds. Just add standard single bedding for each mattress and your day bed is good to go.

Which guest bed is most comfortable?

If you're considering a guest bed, then your guests’ comfort is probably one of your main priorities while they're staying with you. However, temporary guest beds such as sofa beds and air beds don't have the best reputation for their comfort, so which one is best?

The best choice when it comes to a comfortable guest bed is one that allows for a regular mattress such as a day bed or trundle bed. These are designed for daily use and will be much thicker. As mentioned above, if you can purchase a separate mattress, there are lots of options to help with comfort levels.

If you need a guest bed that can be put away, such as a sofa bed or fold-away bed, then you can still make sure that your guests have a comfortable stay. Our temporary guest beds are high-quality products and have come a long way in terms of comfort. However, we would highly recommend a mattress topper for guest beds with thinner in-built mattresses, these will add depth to the mattress and help cushion any firm elements.

How can you add to your guest’s experience?

Once you’ve chosen your guest bed and mattress, think about how you can maximise your guest’s comfort. Add soft, cosy bedding and comfortable pillows, and if you have a separate guest room, dress it up with furniture and finishing touches that make it feel inviting to guests.

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