How many sleeps until Christmas?


Merry Christmas!


Christmas is in the air

The faint smell of Christmas is in the air and with it, the excitement for mulled wine, Christmas presents and partridges in pear trees. Who doesn’t love scattering tinsel around the home or eagerly leaving minced pies out for Santa?

But along with Christmas comes the annual stress of coming up with great Christmas shopping ideas and preparing for family get-togethers. It’s difficult to manage your time and get the adequate amount of sleep during the festive period. Not to mention, an excess of eating, drinking and being merry can take its toll on your zzz’s.

Because we love Christmas time and care about the nation’s sleep, our Christmas countdown comes with expert advice to help you relax and enjoy the festivities without it impacting on a good night’s rest. Whether you’re adorning your favourite Christmas knits, eating many a minced pie, or wrapping your Christmas tree presents, our countdown to Christmas offers different sleep tips and facts to read each day. Like a sleep specialised advent calendar!

So, if you’re wondering when is Christmas, or if you want to watch the seconds tick by, look at the Christmas countdown timer to show you how many more sleeps you’ve got to go. And read the expert articles to find out how you can improve your sleep and wellbeing along the way to have a very merry Christmas!

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