How to create a winter wonderland bedroom

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Last Modified 28 December 2023 First Added 2 August 2022

When the cold winter season arrives and the magic of Christmas draws near, spread festive joy by bringing decorations into your bedroom to create a haven that’s snug and peaceful.

It’s simple to turn your sleep sanctuary into a winter wonderland with our top tips for creating a cosy Christmas bedroom.

Spoiler alert: it’s more than just adding some winter bedding (though that’s a good start!). Through rich textures, soft furnishings and warm lighting, we’re going to show you how to turn an average bedroom into your perfect cosy log cabin, ideal for snug nights and lazy lie-ins over the winter months.

Ellis Velvet-Finish Bed Frame


Ellis Velvet-Finish Bed Frame

Chunky knit and faux fur throws

Touchably soft bedroom furnishings will invite you in at the end of a chilly winter’s day.

A sure-fire way of creating a cosy feel is to add a chunky knit or faux fur throw to your bed. Super soft and warm, they create an abundant look that’s oh so inviting. Faux fur is a great choice if you’re seeking a log cabin retreat, reminiscent of the rich furs and pelts that keep the frost away.

For throws, choosing a chunky knit rather than fine adds a rustic, homemade element to your bedscape, particularly in warm neutral colours such as cream, brown or green. You could even knit one yourself if you’re seeking a mindful hobby to see you through the winter months.

Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame


Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Plentiful pillows and scatter cushions

Style your winter bed to perfection with a combination of functional and decorative pillows, plus scatter cushions to add fluff.

More is more, so don’t hold back. You could opt for a matching set for a cohesive look, or consider a mix of textures in complimentary colour palettes to add variety and interest.

For secret spaces to tuck softs away while you snooze, why not consider a storage bed with handy drawers or a spacious ottoman? The wonderful Wilson bed frame pictured above comes complete with side-opening ottoman storage, perfect for stashing festive treasures.

Neutral grey bed frame, styled in a festive room with soft natural accents.
Lucia Upholstered Bed Frame


Lucia Upholstered Bed Frame

Layering rugs

Adding a rug to your bedside area gives you a cosy place to sink your feet when you start your day.

Rugs can add much-needed warmth to wooden floors, but can also be placed over carpet for an opulent look, particularly when multiple textures and sizes are layered together.

If you’re considering what type of rug will suit your space, faux fur and shearling rugs add a romantic touch, while short pile rugs create a sleeker modern look. Deep pile fluffy rugs are great if you’re looking for a luxurious finish.

Northwood Wooden Bed Frame


Northwood Wooden Bed Frame

Fairy lights and mood lighting

Forget harsh overhead lighting – adding soft touches to your bedroom will help to create a relaxing ambience this winter.

Fairy lights create the ultimate cosy vibes and can be strung along your headboard, window ledge or curtain rail depending on your room configuration. If you’re short on plug sockets, battery-operated lights are an excellent fuss-free option.

Alternatively, you could go all in on a bedroom Christmas tree! British households are increasingly introducing more than one tree to their home, so why not consider adding one to the bedroom? They make a wonderful source of light and festive cheer, even if you opt for a pocket-size pick.

Other ways to create a warm, cosy glow in your bedroom include:

  • Lighting some candles – opt for scents of cloves, cinnamon, pine or orange for a winter-scented boost
  • Plugging in salt lamps to help purify the air and give a warm glow
  • Installing warm LED bulbs to your bedside lamps
  • Placing light-up decorations or trinkets in your bedroom.
A navy blue upholstered bed frame, styled in a festive blue room
House Beautiful Jay Velvet-Finish Ottoman Bed Frame


House Beautiful Jay Velvet-Finish Ottoman Bed Frame

Winter plants

Adorn your bedroom with some wintry foliage for a natural finishing touch.

You could get creative and make your own handmade Christmas wreath with some dried cotton stems and faux foliage – there’s plenty of inspiration over on Pinterest! Placing your creation it on the wall above the bed will create a focal point that draws the eye as you enter your winter wonderland bedroom. We’ve added some lights to the one pictured above, which will bathe your bedroom in a warm glow. Paired with the soft, cosy upholstered Jay bed, it’s oh-so inviting at the end of a long winter day.

You can also add more dried stems in vases or bottle green vintage glass to decorate your room if wall hangings are a no-go. Our top picks are frosted pine or fluffy pampas grass for a luxuriously festive look.

Detroit Upholstered Sleigh Bed Frame


Detroit Upholstered Sleigh Bed Frame

Earth-tone accents

If you’re seeking a softer take on Christmas cheer, look to natural tones for a contemporary finish.

We’ve paired our beautiful Detroit bed with a warm brown wall, evoking the spirit of cosy log cabins and roaring fires. Accented with flashes of metallic gold, silver and bronze, the overall effect is warm and inviting. Add in hints of green to enhance the natural influence of your sleep space – a pocket-size Christmas tree or a few sprigs of foliage can instantly lift a space and bring the outdoors in, perfect for chilly winter days. Brrr.

If green and red doesn’t feel right for your space, this is a neutral alternative we simply adore. Plus, it pairs perfectly with any bed frame – think cosy navy velvet, classic wood, timeless grey… the options are endless!

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