Overcome Teen Sleep Problems On World Sleep Day

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Last Modified 19 March 2021 First Added 11 March 2021

Teenage sleep problems have unfortunately been on the rise since the start of the pandemic, and support for young people has been more limited than usual due to schools being shut and services reduced. Dreams want to help teenagers overcome their sleep problems and have decided to launch a debut Sleep Better Festival.

The Sleep Better Festival coincides with World Sleep Day on 19 March and the theme is Teen Sleep: Revolution or Rebellion. The festival will run from 18-19 March and the first day kicks off with a Facebook Live event featuring Dr Julie Smith, a renowned clinical psychologist. More details of the Sleep Better Festival can be found below.

Teen sleep advice

On the Sleep Matters Club website, there is a dedicated hub for sleep during lockdown. Here you’ll find several articles that answer common sleep questions and complaints such as how to work from your bedroom, how to stop oversleeping, what to do if you’re always tired, and how to relax before bedtime.

For more information on how teen sleep differs to other age groups, check out this article. Sleep expert Dr Robert S Rosenberg answers questions on teen sleep such as optimal sleep length, common teen sleep disorders, and how much slack you should cut them when they struggle to get out of bed. With that being said, here’s an article with 5 ways to get your tired teen out of bed!

The Sleep Better Festival

The Sleep Better Festival will run from 18-19 March, providing tips and advice across Dreams’ social channels to better support teens and their sleep issues. To kick the festival off, you can join clinical psychologist, Dr Julie Smith, on Dreams’ Facebook page at 19:30 on 18 March where over the course of an hour, she’ll be answering the nation’s questions on sleep health and offering advice on how teens can sleep better.


The event is all about providing comfort in sharing challenges, being open about difficulties, and coming together to share advice and hacks that can help teenagers sleep better, feel better and take on the world.