A Night in the Life of Maddie Hinch

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Last Modified 24 January 2022 First Added 14 April 2021

Do you set yourself a target of a certain number of hours sleep a night?

Yes, I’m pretty obsessed with my routine. I always try to achieve at least 8 hours, as there’s so much difference between a good night’s sleep and a bad night’s sleep. 8 hours for me is normally the minimum.

How do you find sleep (or lack of) affects performance?

I get more agitated and easily annoyed if I’ve had a lack of sleep and it also takes me more time to get going in the morning when I’ve had a bad night. So, if I’ve got an early fitness session and I’ve slept poorly, it takes me longer to focus on the session and get on track. But when I know I’ve woken up from a decent sleep, I get into my routine much more quickly.

How does travel impact on your sleep routine?

It’s definitely a challenge. We had a recent trip to Australia and New Zealand and a poor night’s sleep on the plane certainly drags into the following day. So, you have to be really strict by not napping at times that will make you stay awake later on in the day and just try to get back into your normal routine as quickly as possible when you’re on the road.

Sleep is 100% as important as diet and physio.

Any tips for when travelling?

It’s difficult getting comfortable on long flights. I tend to take a pillow with me if I can. Having a pillow and noise cancelling headphones helps me to block out all the distractions.

Do you have set patterns before going to bed? Warm bath? Read? Music?

I always want to be in bed before a certain time, so I know I’ll get my 8 hours. One of the things is not looking at my phone, as well as a good bed. I don’t need to read beforehand or have a bath. Once I’m in bed I’m gone, but nice covers are important!

Your Number 1 sleep tip?

Stay off your phone! When I have looked at my phone, I notice that my sleep is quite inconsistent – I wake up in the night or my brain’s overworking. So, I’d say just try to avoid being on your phone and stay off of social media. You have to be disciplined about it.

You have to be as disciplined about your sleep as your training

Does sleep help with injury recovery?

Yes, sleep is massively important in allowing your body to recuperate and recover from the impact of the day, especially if you’re injured. Your body is trying to regenerate and get better and allowing it time to rest is only going to help that process. You have to be as disciplined about your sleep as your eating and training.

Do you nap?

I do if I can. I quite enjoy it. When we go away I will try and have a 20-minute power nap between training sessions. Back at home I don’t feel the need to have a nap, but when we’re away we have slots in our schedule that allow us to have downtime.

What keeps you awake at night?

Nothing, I’m a pretty good sleeper. If my routine’s good and I haven’t got other things worrying me then I’m out, I’m gone.

When the alarm goes, do you leap out of bed or sneak in a snooze?

I’m a big snoozer. I’m the worst. Even though I know my alarm will go off each morning at 7am, I don’t get out of bed until around 07:20. Nightmare. It’s a problem when you’ve got a great bed you just can’t get out of.

When do you get to lie in?

Unfortunately, I have a dog, Willow, who decides get-up time is 7am every morning, so aside from a quick snooze, there are no lie-ins for me these days.


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