A Guide To Styling Gender-Neutral Nurseries and Bedrooms

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By Anna Ashbarry

Whether you’re expecting a newborn and keeping the gender a surprise, decorating a shared kids bedroom or wanting to style a safe space for your young one to blossom, this guide has all the tips you need to achieve a cosy bedroom with a gender-neutral look and feel.

What is gender-neutral?

Gender-neutral is related to, intended for, or common to any gender.

What is a gender-neutral room?

A gender-neutral room is a room that has been decorated to suit any gender. If you have a little one on the way and you are wanting to keep the gender of the baby a surprise, a gender-neutral room will ensure you are fully prepared for welcoming either a girl or a boy into the world. Gender-neutral rooms are also great for kids who share a bedroom. Using neutral colours and elements will ensure the room feels like home for whoever is in it.

What are gender-neutral colours?

Gender-neutral colours are colours that aren’t intended for either males or females. Really, there are no colours intended for certain sexes; it’s us humans who’ve decided that. And while pink isn’t just for girls and blue isn’t only for boys, straying away from these colour stereotypes can help. Especially when there is a whole palette out there to explore, appropriate for any age and gender. Common examples include white, orange, yellow, grey and brown.

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How to style gender-neutral colours

Finding a colour that is gender-neutral and is to your, or your children’s, taste is just the start. Styling a nursery or bedroom is an exciting experience, incorporating ideas, patterns, textures and more. Here are some gender-neutral colour schemes to get you started:

Black and white

Monochrome colours are perfect for any bedroom regardless of age. If you are looking for a simplistic feel, using black and white colours will add an elegant style, allowing pattern and texture to stand out. You could even incorporate a bold colour to give the room a little pop of drama.

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Can’t decide on a colour? Using a combination of bright and bold colours against a white or light backdrop will result in a room which is bursting with positive energy. If neutral, calm colours aren’t really your thing, using primary colours will give the room a bit of character and excitement.

Khaki green

Feel closer to nature with a deep earthy colour that will allow you to incorporate some fun art prints and toys into the mix. If your little ones love exploring, why not bring some adventure to their bedroom by creating a space not only for sleep but playing too.

Light beige

Beige can be far from boring, it’s all about how you style it. Decorating a beige room with pine wood furniture and the occasional pale colour will create a cosy bohemian look. Beige also carries the feeling of warmth and safety so your little one can fall fast asleep in no time.

Pale grey

Pale and light greys feel cool, crisp and calm and create a space of tranquillity and relaxation. Combined with some cosy woven blankets and a touch of texture, this bedroom will be perfect for not just any gender, but also any age.

What colours make babies happy?

With so many gender-neutral colours to choose from, it’s also important to consider how your selected colours will affect yours, and your babies, mood.

Colour psychology is a theory that different colours induce different moods. For example, shades of yellows are thought to create a feeling of warmth and energy. You’re going to want to achieve a certain feel for your newborn’s nursery or children’s bedroom, therefore it is important to test out a few colours first to see which one creates the best mood.

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Gender-neutral baby clothes

Similar to bedroom wall colour, you may also want to start thinking about colour when it comes to gender-neutral baby clothes. Gender-neutral baby clothes, which are also referred to as unisex, are usually shades of grey, beige, yellow and brown. If you have a little one on the way and are wanting to keep the gender a surprise for the big day, gender-neutral baby clothes will be a great idea to start preparing for your new arrival.

How to style a gender-neutral nursery

Styling a gender-neutral nursery isn’t just about colours, the furnishings and accessories you choose matter too.

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Selecting artwork and toys that are intended for either males or females will allow you to continue to create a gender-neutral room with a style which sparks joy, creativity and playfulness. Consider adding elements such as animal wall prints, woven baskets and cuddly brown bears.

Inspiration for decorating a gender-neutral bedroom:

Here are some resource ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Create a Pinterest board and get inspired.
  2. Consider incorporating a theme for some added fun.
  3. Explore Instagram to see the latest trends.
  4. Check out artwork and furniture to complete the look.

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Got any top tips of your own for styling a gender-neutral nursery? We’d love to read them in the comments below.

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