5 Natural Bedding Facts You Need To Know

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Last Modified 20 June 2023 First Added 18 September 2019

By Gemma Curtis

Having the right environment is paramount for a good night’s sleep. Your bedding plays a huge part in this, from your mattress to your sheets, pillows and duvets. Since we spend almost a third of our life in bed, it’s important to get the best quality bedding we can afford. And, due to lifestyle and ethical decisions, many people are now choosing organic and natural bedding as the way forward. So, what are the benefits of natural bedding? And what should you be aware of?

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It regulates your body temperature

Unlike synthetic materials that can make you too hot or not warm you up enough, natural materials are fantastic body temperature regulators. Keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, natural bedding allows for a comfortable sleep.

These materials also work to wick moisture away from the body, rather than sticking to the body as synthetic materials can.

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It’s extremely durable…

Natural cotton and fabrics are biologically very strong. They will remain in a better condition for a longer period. And we all know what that means… you don’t have to replace them every other month!

Though they sometimes won’t last as long as synthetic materials, the quality is usually much higher with 100% natural fabrics. This means the look and feel of your product will remain just as beautiful even if some of the stability wanes.

And comfortable

Items like pillows and duvets can become worn or flat with synthetic filling bundling together. Natural materials like wool and down remain plump for a more supportive sleep experience. They are also soft and lightweight.

As we’ve mentioned previously, natural fabric also keeps your body at a regulated temperature, meaning no more tossing and turning! Because of this, it’s also more hygienic. Mattresses made of natural fabrics can circulate air more freely meaning they’re less likely to harbour as much bacteria.

Take a look at the Dreams buying guides for more information on buying natural bedding.

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It’s better for the environment

It’s usually a rule that things that come from nature can be returned to nature. Because of this, natural fabrics are bio-degradable meaning they won’t leave harmful substances behind once they’re finished with.

Natural fabrics can also be recycled and used to make carpets, mats, seat belts and even renewable energy. Much better than ending up on landfill!

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It’s widely available

Due to its popularity for all the reasons we’ve mentioned above, natural bedding, beds and mattresses are easy to find from most good bed retailers. This means you don’t have to go hunting around stores or trawling sites to find a good quality bed product made from natural materials.

And this doesn’t have to be limited to bedding alone. Natural wood and leather used in furniture has all the same benefits of natural bedding. Create a rustic haven for yourself with one of this year’s biggest interior design trends.

Do you have natural bedding? Let us know what you love about it in the comments.

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