Why Does My Mattress Keep Sliding?

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If your mattress slides out of place at every opportunity, you’ll likely be tearing your hair out every time it ends up out of its proper position. It’s a more common problem than you’d realise yet there are numerous reasons why it happens and an equal amount of ways to stop it doing so. So, join us as we explore some simple tricks to stop your mattress from sliding out of place.

What causes a mattress to slide?

Mattress sliding is often caused by lack of friction between the mattress and the bed frame. This can happen when there are missing rails above the slats; when you have the wrong size frame, or if you have an old mattress. Identifying the cause behind a sliding mattress will help you choose the right way to fix it.

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1. Missing rails

Most bed frames have a slightly risen area above the slats on either side of the mattress to hold it in place — these are called rails. If your bed frame is missing this barrier, your mattress is likely to slide around. Bed frames without slats, such as platform beds and divans can also have sliding mattresses. Ways to prevent this are by adding a headboard to your frame to help keep the mattress in place.

mattress on frame too big for it

2. Wrong size frame

If your mattress is not the same size as your bed frame, e.g. you have a double mattress on a king-size frame, this will, unfortunately, give room for your mattress to slide around.

old mattress

3. Old mattress

If your mattress is old, i.e. 7+ years, this is likely to be a problem. Over time, mattresses collect all sorts of nasties such as bodily fluids, dead skin and dirt – these can all gather at the bottom of the mattress and cause sliding. That’s why we recommend replacing your mattress every 8 years.

How To Stop Your Mattress Sliding

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If you’re still having trouble and want to know ways of how to maintain an anti-slip mattress, keep reading.

1. Try vacuuming or dusting under your mattress

As well as regularly rotating or flipping your mattress (each design states what you should do on its label), cleaning underneath it is a good idea too. Dusting the slats or hoovering the platform will keep dirt at bay.

2. Non-slip mattress pad

Investing in a rubberised mattress pad will work wonders for a sliding mattress. These grippy pads between the mattress and the bed frame to give the mattress something to hold onto. Remember to purchase a size that matches your mattress and bed frame. Non-slip mattress pads are thin, so you shouldn’t notice a difference when sleeping.

3. Carpet tape

A cheaper alternative to a non-slip mattress pad, carpet tape can be used to create friction beneath your mattress. Simply place the tape around the edges of the frame and place your mattress on top.

A summary of sliding mattresses

We hope you found these tips and tricks useful – having a sliding mattress isn’t fun! If you’re in the market for a new one, check out the full mattress range at Dreams here.

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