What Happens To Your Mattress Over Time? [Survey]

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Last Modified 31 March 2023   First Added 5 August 2015

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Your mattress goes through a lot during it’s recommended life span of eight years. We spend on average 20,761 hours lying on top of it but only some of that is spent getting a good night’s sleep.

We carried out a survey that found only 41% of people in the UK are happy with the amount of sleep they get, so they hit the snooze button hoping to gain extra sleep. But that is actually wasted sleep and can have a adverse affect on our mattress.

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Our bed time habits can have dramatic affect on what our mattresses go through over time.

Find out how your bedroom habits can affect your mattress via our infographic below: 

What Happens To Your Mattress Over Time? An Infographic From The Sleep Matters Club.

What bedtime habits do you have that are affecting your mattress?

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