What Do Moon Dreams Mean?

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What Do Moon Dreams Mean?

Every culture on earth has its own symbolism about the moon. It represents different things in different cultures, myths, and legends. For millennia there have been rumours it’s made out of cheese, with even stranger claims that there’s a man in the moon! Despite this, the scientific community has never seriously supported these assertions.

According to Regular Dream, a moon dream represents intuition. It can illuminate your ability to figure out something instinctively without any need for conscious reasoning. As such, this dream indicates that your own intuition is very powerful so you should listen to your gut more often. Doing this “will provide you with the knowledge required to handle the challenges life throws your way.”

Here we take a deep delve into the subject of moon dreams and what they could mean to your life.

The dream:

Strolling along a moonlit beach at night, you gaze up at the beautiful star-filled sky. You’re enjoying the feel of the sand under your bare feet. The huge full moon is illuminating the crashing waves with its soft glowing light.

After a while you get a strange feeling. Is the moon getting bigger? Surely not. But then you’re convinced. The moon is hurtling towards the earth, appearing bigger and brighter by the minute. It’s clear the world’s about to end. So, defiantly, you decide to go for one final dip in the ocean!

But then you wake up at home in bed. It was only an incredible dream. But what could it mean?

Common meanings behind moon dreams

There are all sorts of different kinds of moon dreams. The variations of this dream include clear depictions of possible events and those which may be seen to provide you with guidance.

Your dream might include a message for your life or you may see yourself making a choice that relates to a choice you need to make in reality. Here we explore more precise meanings of each of these variations.

1. Dreaming of the moon

The moon is said to reflect your changing moods and we often link the moon to our emotional state. According to Journey Into Dreams, “Just as the moon can influence the tides in the ocean, a moon can be a symbol that you need to be aware of your feelings and emotional well-being.”

As such, these dreams may be telling you to follow your intuition and develop your spiritual side to help give you the guidance you need for your life. You may not know what to do next in your waking life and the dream is an indication you’re seeking higher wisdom to help guide you forward.

2. Dreaming of a full moon

The beauty of a full moon lighting up the landscape is both haunting and magical and the full moon has always been a popular symbol in folk tales, art, literature, and mythology.

Dream interpreters such as Millers Guild claim that seeing a full moon in a dream represents changes happening in your life, often highlighting the end of a cycle or a transition period.

Furthermore, Angel Number says you can think of the sun as our conscious and the moon as our unconscious, “the moon represents our personality’s fragile veil but strong in magic, inspiration, and imagination. It represents the feminine principle that is strongly associated with fertility, nurture, care, and grace.”

3. Dreaming of the moon crashing to earth

Just like the description in The Dream section of this article, if you dream of the moon crashing into the earth, it can symbolise several things. Often seen as a symbol of change, the moon coming down could mean significant changes are coming your way. Alternatively, the moon could represent your intuition or subconscious, and the earth could represent the rational, logical side of yourself.

4. Dreaming about moonlight

Seeing moonlight clearly illuminating the world in a dream signifies reconciliation. According to dream experts, “You will find peace, and you must clarify everything that is delayed in your relationship. The bright moon shows that when everything looks dark, there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Answering the dream:

Humans have always been fascinated by the moon which has played an essential part in mythology, religion and astrology. Dreams about the moon are said to represent an unconscious magnetic force pulling you towards something that needs to be acknowledged. Interestingly, according to Millers Guild, “dreams about the moon indicate the different places one could be in life. Knowing what the various moon variants mean in a dream can help you figure out what’s going on in your life and find solutions to problems before they even happen.”

Notable appearances in popular culture:

One of the most inspirational objects for human creativity, the moon has inspired paintings from Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Magritte. It’s also the subject of prose from Shakespeare, Wordsworth, and Joyce.

In music, the moon is useful for providing imagery expressing the magnitude of human emotion. In 1976 the Carpenters recorded Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft, which aimed to send out a telepathic message to visitors from outer space. And the thought of the loneliness of interstellar travel inspired David Bowie to write Space Oddity and Elton John to sing Rocket Man.

Other classic songs about the moon include Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of the Moon, The Beatles’ Mr Moonlight, and of course we couldn’t leave out Sinatra’s Fly Me To the Moon.

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