What Do Dreams of Winning Money Mean?

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What Does It Mean to Dream of Winning Money?

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the jackpot? Perhaps you’ve even won the lottery, only to experience a huge letdown on realising it was all in your mind. Many of us wish to one day be rich enough to live in our dream mansion, eat at expensive restaurants and enjoy a life of luxury, free of worries of having enough to pay the bills every month.

Indeed, according to Alo Dreams if we have this dream our subconscious is showing us the importance of these personal aspects of ourselves. That’s why we usually dream about the things we can do with money more often than money itself.

Even so, for most people winning some serious money really would be a dream come true. And what’s wrong with that? Here we explore what the experts say it means to dream of winning money.

The Dream:

Today’s the day you’re going to strike it lucky. You can feel it in your bones. But why are you so sure?

First of all, the pressed four-leaf clover you lost years ago turned up again out of the blue this morning. Secondly, it’s your birthday. On top of that you’ve picked up an inside tip for a racehorse called Lucky Clover who shares your birthday. All the stars are in alignment!

After putting your life savings on the young filly to win – at highly favourable odds – you settle down for the race. As the pack reaches the final stretch, Lucky Clover storms all the way to the front. Delirious with excitement, you scream “I’m rich, I’m rich” as she comes in first.

But then you wake up and cold reality dawns. The whole thing was just a dream and the only place you’re rich is in your imagination. But what could it all mean?

Meaning(s) of the dream:

Winning money in a dream is usually a sign of good luck – unsurprisingly! However it can also have connotations of being lost in life. According to Aunty Flo these dreams are usually symbolic of needing to save or hold on to the money that you get. Curiously, when you lose money in a dream then this is said to be a sign of a possible windfall coming your way.

Common meanings behind money dreams

There’s a huge variety of dreams about winning money. From winning the National Lottery to winning a bet on a horse race and striking it lucky in Las Vegas, all of these dreams can have very different meanings.

Here we explore more precise meanings of each of these variations.

1. Dreaming of winning the lottery

According to many dream interpreters winning a lottery is a good sign, symbolic of progress, growth, sustainability, and good luck. If you dream about winning a massive cash prize, it could mean you will inherit property or see windfall profit in business, according to Times Now News.

But this dream isn’t just about financial gain. Dreaming about winning the lottery could also mean gaining recognition, respect, fame, popularity, friendship, and goodwill.

2. Winning a bet on the horse

Dreaming of winning a horse bet is a positive omen which means that you are going to improve some relationships, according to Aunty Flo. Diving deeper, the main principle of this dream is that there is something on your mind that you could indeed win. On the other hand, if you lose money on a horse during your dream, then this can mean that there is a good chance you’re set to encounter some difficulties.

3. Hitting the jackpot in a casino

Hitting the jackpot in a casino is a dream that you’re more likely to remember than others. But is it a premonition that you will win if you visit a real life casino? Or perhaps there is another hidden meaning.

When you dream of winning a jackpot in Vegas or a local casino you’re likely to have an opportunity coming your way, according to Aunty Flo. Usually dreams about financial jackpots will refer to money, so keep your eye out for a financial opportunity for gain in the near future.

Answering the dream:

Perhaps surprisingly, according to the experts dreaming about getting rich isn’t always about finances at all. Best of Life says that dreams centred around coming into a considerable fortune can indicate you’re quite satisfied with another area of your life. And some amateur dream analysts have shared their own interpretations of what it means to dream about getting rich on Quora:

“Money in dreams will represent value. And as every person, place, and thing within a dream is an aspect or a part of you, the dreamer, it is more specifically representing your own self value and self worth,” explained one user. Another poster said: “In a dream being rich could indicate that you’ll be envied by people around you.”

Perhaps the most important takeaway and the answer to the big question about this kind of dreams is that no, it’s not likely to be a premonition that you’re about to win a large sum of money. But wouldn’t it be great if that were true!

Notable appearances in popular culture:

We’ve surely all dreamt of what we’d do if we suddenly came into a large amount of money out of the blue. That’s why we delight in watching television gameshows that give ordinary people the chance to change their lives by winning huge cash prizes.

From The Weakest Link to Deal or No Deal, such hit shows have been a huge part of western culture for decades. But the one that really captured the public imagination was Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? It took the opportunity to win money to a whole new level and winning the top prize has surely featured in people’s dreams the world over.

The dream of winning money and deciding what we would do with it has also been the subject of several popular films, with one of the best being classic comedy Brewster’s Millions. Starring the late-Richard Prior, it tells the story of a minor league baseball player who has to spend $30 million in thirty days, in order to inherit $300 million.

More recently there’s Super Me which follows Sang Yu, a writer who somehow has the ability to bring priceless objects from his dreams into the real world. He becomes rich overnight by selling all the precious artefacts that he collects in his dreams. The film is a cautionary fable against wishing for unearned wealth as opposed to doing good, honest work based on one’s own talents.

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