What Do Dreams About Numbers Mean?

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What Does it Mean to Dream of Numbers?

There are numerous ways that numbers can manifest in your dreams. You may notice numbers that have specific meaning to you in the form of numerical figures, or you may spot patterns, or sequences of reoccurring numbers and wonder what they may mean to your waking life.

When you have these kind of dreams it’s only natural for you to wonder it they’re trying to tell you something – a message, or even a warning perhaps.  By studying our dreams and interpreting their meanings to us we can find, explanations, answers and even comfort within them.

Here we delve into the meaning of dreams about numbers and take a look at what the experts have to say about their significance to our waking lives – 3, 2, 1, go!

The dream:

You wake up, stretch your arms and check the clock – it’s exactly 7.07am.

Looking at your calendar you notice that it’s also the 7th day of the 7th month.

Then while driving to work (in your Audi A7), you glance up at the sky and see a cloud shaped perfectly as the figure 7.

Arriving at the office, you pull into in space number 7 in the car park. You log onto your computer and discover you have 777 new emails!

Then you wake up, for real this time. It was all just a dream. But wait a minute. What’s that playing on your radio alarm clock? It’s 7 Nation Army by the White Stripes. Just a coincidence?

Variations of the dream:

From dreaming about specific important dates, to dreaming about seeing numbers in the sky or repeated and significant numbers, we look at some of the more precise meanings of specific number dreams below:


1. Dreams about dates

It’s quite common for numbers to appear in our dreams that symbolise people we know or events in our life. So you might dream of the number 18, for example, and that just so happens to be your birthday, or that of one of your close friends or family members. Likewise, numbers that appear in your dreams could be the year of an important event. For example, if you see an 85 in a dream, this could reference an event that happened in 1985. According to checkmydream, if you dream of the date of your birthday, it’s an encouraging sign which predicts successful circumstances and good luck.

2. Dreams about numbers in the sky

If you dream about seeing numbers in the sky, similar to that described in The Dream section, above, it highlights a need for enjoyment or a distraction. According to Dreams Directory, if you have this dream it’s a message about the sacrifices you are making in your waking life and it could be time to take a break.

3. Dreams about phone numbers

If you can remember the exact digits of the phone number in your dream it may signify that you’ve allowed some unfinished business to pass you by. However, it’s a positive dream to have, according to A Little Spark of Joy, and could indicate future growth and success. Their dream experts state that your subconscious will reveal what the unfinished business is, so you can “gain clarity and close the book on whatever was unfinished before.”

4. Dreams about lottery numbers

Dreaming of winning the lottery in a dream is said to symbolise freedom and happiness. Indeed, it’s a hugely positive dream that predicts material gain will soon be yours, according to Aunty Flo. “Hearing or seeing numbers flicking through our dream mind can indicate that you will increase your ability to attract success in waking life,” says Flo.

5. Dreams about repeated numbers

Dreaming of repeated numbers like the 777 which appeared in The Dream section, above, is said to have an especially significant meaning. According to A Little Spark of Joy these dreams are a sign, “the universe believes you have something in your past that you have been ignoring for a long time.”

They warn that dreams of repeated numbers shouldn’t be ignored, and you should spend time analysing each and every aspect of your life, “Face these situations with courage so that they can be resolved and you can continue your journey of growth.”

Answering the dream:

It’s almost impossible to imagine how we could live our lives without numbers. That’s because all of us use them every day in some form or other. As a result, it’s no surprise that we should wonder about their spiritual meanings when we see numbers in our dreams.

If you do start dreaming about numbers, it could be well worth spending some time trying to understand the messages behind the dreams so that you can use them to inform your future actions to move forward and live a well-balanced life.

Notable appearances in popular culture:

The use of numbers goes back deep into the mists of time. The first ciphered numeral system was invented by the Egyptians, before the Greeks mapped their counting numbers onto Ionian and Doric alphabets. Later on, Roman numerals used combinations of letters from the Roman alphabet and were used in Europe until the spread of the superior Hindu–Arabic numeral system in the late 14th century.

This system is still the most common system for representing numbers in the world and the key to the its effectiveness is the symbol for zero, which was developed by ancient Indian mathematicians around 500 AD.

In addition to their practical uses, numbers have a massive cultural significance. For example, in Western society, the number 13 is often regarded as unlucky. Belief in a mystical significance of numbers, known as numerology, pervaded ancient and medieval thinking. Numerology heavily influenced the development of Greek mathematics, inspiring the analysis of many problems in number theory which are still of interest today.

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