Boosting Your Well-Being with a Sunday Reset

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We all love a weekend. It’s the time to unwind, relax, and recoup after a long and busy week. It can be tempting to leave it at that, to have it be fully devoted to relaxing or going out with friends, but for many of us, the weekend is also an opportunity to reset. The question is, what does that mean, why are people talking about it, and how can it help with sleep during the week? Let’s explore!

What exactly is a Sunday Reset?

A Sunday Reset is a deliberate practice of setting aside time each Sunday to re-centre, refresh, and prepare for the week ahead. It involves activities designed to help individuals clear their minds, declutter their physical spaces, and recharge their emotional batteries.

In other words, this is all about dedicating some quality time to sort your life out. We’re talking about clearing the clutter, getting your thoughts in line, and setting intentions before the week starts. It’s like a little self-care carnival for your brain and your space.

@virgohabits is one Tiktoker who offers a look into their Sunday reset with an honest take on their approach:


Recalibrating.🧖🏼‍♀️ #sundayreset #productivevlog #dayinmylifevlog #resetroutine #collegestudentdayinthelife #diml

♬ Kawaii Aesthetic – LoES

Closer to home, we’ve got another open take with @emmaxcutler talking about how they love to pair their Sunday reset with music or videos to keep them motivated:


So excited for the Summer wardrobe transition!! ☀️🫶🏼 Going to be organising all of these drawers and the wardrobe soon so stay tuned 💫 #sundayreset #reset #weeklyreset #sundayresetroutine #aesthetic #productive #organization #cleaning #cleantok Sunday reset weekly reset checklist routine clean with me cleantok organization aesthetic productive

♬ 3:15 (Breath) – Russ

There are loads of other examples out there on Tiktok, and other platforms, and it’s no wonder the interest is growing. It’s something we all aspire to, and seeing others getting organised can motivate us to do the same!

How to do a Sunday Rest

Now we’ve talked some about what it is, and seen the hype around it, let’s go into a quick list of the key elements of a Sunday reset, and how they can contribute to a good sleeping routine. Use this as a checklist, but don’t be afraid to personalise it to suit your needs! No two people have the same day, after all.
  1. Plan the week ahead: We like to start with this one, as it sets out everything in the future. Things to look forward to, and tasks that need tackling, all of these things are equally important.
  2. Get ready for laundry: Unless you’re the kind of person who handles laundry throughout the week, chances are your laundry basket is full by the weekend. Use Sunday as a time to wash all of your dirty clothes, and plan out fresh outfits for each day of the week. Setting out your outfit for each day of the week checks off one less task to do in the morning. Replacing your bedsheets with some clean ones will also help you to drift off to sleep each evening.
  3. Prep your meals: When juggling work, free time, family life, workouts, obligations – and so on – it can be hard to find time for a good meal. There are a lot of fantastic ways to prep ahead of time for the week ahead, be it these ones from BudgetBytes, or a plan from your favourite YouTuber, and Sunday makes a great time to get it all ready to go. That way, after Monday’s done and dusted, you don’t have to worry about what’s for dinner.
  4. Get ahead on admin: Part of life is handling things like bills, budgeting, and so much more. Give yourself some time to get it done now, so it won’t worry you through the rest of the week ahead. Long to-do lists can cause stress and sleepless nights, so by getting it done, you’ll be able to rest easily during your evenings.
  5. Give your home a quick clean: A bit of hoovering here, some dishes washed up there – you don’t have to do it all, but even a bit will help ease the burden ahead. Plus, there’s some psychology at play with tidying your bedroom that could leave you feeling more refreshed when it comes time to snooze again.
  6. Practise self-care: A reset may be big for the home, but it should also do you good. Use Sundays as your designated “you time” day, whether that’s through meditation, stretches, exercises, or even looking into the best way to rest for your star sign.

This may seem like a lot – and it can be for when you’re first starting! That’s why it’s important to do what you can actually achieve, and be realistic about it. One great example of an alternative checklist is this one from @vxledw, which shows their typical Sunday reset schedule:


here’s all the things I like to get done on a sunday reset! The finishing touch for a good sunday reset is to mop the floors with fabuloso 💖 Happy sunday! Clean my apartment with me and let’s go room by room to clean up @vxledw #cleaningmotivation #ShowOffLandOFrost #sundayreset #dayinmylife

♬ awkward sped up sza – rem

A couple are tidying a white bedroom together. One of them is sweeping the wood floors, while the other is changing the bedsheets.

The benefits of a Sunday Reset

While the results may vary per person, depending on what we each do for our own resets, this weekly ritual can boost your mood and well-being. Here are a few of the ways it can improve your week:

  • Reduced stress: By taking time to relax and plan, you can start the week with a clear mind, reducing stress and anxiety and helping you accomplish more.
  • Enhanced well-being: Engaging in self-care activities and meditation can contribute to better mental and emotional well-being. Explore our top relaxation and mindful techniques to try.
  • Better sleep: A relaxed mind and environment can lead to improved sleep quality. In fact, giving yourself time to relax and improve your surroundings can also calm anxious feelings.

There’s also the nice feeling of accomplishment that comes from getting things we know need to be done, and having a set time and day for it helps us form good habits!

Incorporating a Sunday Reset into your life

To embrace the Sunday Reset trend, start by dedicating a few hours on Sunday to engage in activities that rejuvenate you. Experiment with different practices and create a routine that suits your preferences and lifestyle.

For instance, you may just start by making sure you get all your laundry done. That can be a big task, whether you live alone or with a large family. But consider how nice it will be to snuggle into clean bedsheets at the end of the day and to have fresh clothes for a fresh week.

Or, if you know you may be tempted to get takeaways all week, make that meal prepping your priority. Try to make a few different meals and snacks to stop your mind from being tempted to order out and see what works for you.

Remember, the Sunday reset is about finding balance and taking care of yourself, so feel free to tailor it to your needs and priorities.

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