Pregnancy, having a newborn baby, and getting a good night’s sleep can be challenging. In the antenatal stage, a changing body shape plus changing temperatures and energy levels from fluctuating hormones, makes getting to sleep another issue to add to the list of what becomes more difficult. This can continue in the post-natal stage too, with night-feeds, more hormonal fluctuation and plenty of other changes. But there are ways to help ease yourself into a peaceful sleep during and after pregnancy.

In this podcast episode, Dr Pixie Mckenna is joined by actress Ali Bastian – who is currently expecting – and Marie Hurworth, a midwife and author. They discuss the topic of sleep as an expectant mother and as a new parent. Marie explains why pregnant women may struggle to sleep and suggests sleeping positions and other ways to help you relax and drift off. Ali shares her experience of pregnancy and her plan to get into a good routine.

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What’s covered in this podcast?

  • Sleep during and after pregnancy
  • Why pregnant women may struggle to sleep
  • Best sleeping positions for pregnancy
  • Techniques to relax and drift off

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