What Do Dreams Mean?

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We all have dreams – even those of us who don’t remember them. But what do they really mean? And where on earth do those magical and fantastical dreams come from? There’s plenty of science behind why we dream, as well as ways to improve your chances of remembering them.

In this episode, Dr Pixie Mckenna is joined by Dr Neil Stanley who has studied dreams for 37 years and Rose Gallagher, a beauty blogger and makeup artist to discuss why we dream, what they mean, and what affects them. They answer common questions such as what does it mean when you have a recurring dream? Or, does eating cheese before bedtime cause nightmares?


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What’s covered in this episode?

  • Why do we dream?
  • Why do some people not remember their dreams?
  • What do recurring dreams mean?
  • Does eating cheese before bedtime cause nightmares?

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