Do You Believe In Any Of These Sleep Superstitions?

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All of us need sleep. It’s a time for relaxing and helps us gain energy for the next day. As sleep is an important part of our lives and our health, it’s no surprise that most cultures have some kind of superstition about sleeping. Superstitions can be based on anything that people believe. They can be based on myth, magic or irrational thoughts – and are beliefs influenced by lore or tradition. However, it is usually hard to pinpoint where some superstitions come from. There are several weird and wonderful superstitions around sleep from across the world. Some are believed to give you good luck and some bad. We take a look at some of them below:

Superstitions believed to give you bad luck:



Superstitions can affect what kind of bed we choose to sleep on. Some believe that turning the mattress on a Sunday will give a person nightmares for an entire week. For single women, it’s believed  sleeping with a slice of wedding cake under their pillow may allow them to see their future husband in their sleep.

All pillows must always be facing north, according to some individuals. This is because it’s the way corpses are positioned at Buddhist funerals. This is an extremely common superstition that extends beyond Japanese beliefs.

Feng Shui

In feng shui bedrooms, arranging your furniture and accessories will ensure the correct amount of life-force circulates around you. Feng shui is a Chinese system of aesthetic placement that can be boiled down to superstition. The feng shui principle dictates your bed should be as far from the door as possible and not be directly in front of it. It is believed that having your bed directly in front of the door is exposing it to too much life-force and may cause disease.

Feng shui enthusiasts also believe that you should have a solid wall behind your bed and be able to see the whole room from the bed’s position. There are many elements to feng shui, but according to the Chinese, if you use it correctly, you can keep your life in balance while you sleep.

Making your bed

A major bed chi rule is to never leave beds unmade – it’s the first thing you should do in the morning. Having a good looking bed is very important, and an unmade bed stagnates and erodes chi as well as making the room look messy and uncared for.

Clutter under the bed can lead to a negative chi flow. Read more on The Sleep Matters Club

Superstitions believed to give you good luck:


On a more positive note, de-cluttering the mess from under your bed and storing it in your wardrobe will create a clean, empty breathable space. This will, in effect, give you a de-cluttered mind. Feng shui has it that if your surroundings are cluttered, your thoughts are, too.

For a range of anti-clutter solutions, take a look at some storage beds.

Dream Catcher

Some believe that hanging a dream catcher above your bed will catch the bad dreams in its web, while the hole in the middle releases the good dreams. The sun’s rays hit the dream catcher and make all the bad dreams evaporate. If it’s not fact, it certainly looks pretty in a child’s bedroom.It also helps mothers give their children peace of mind when they are suffering from bad dreams.

Dream catchers are one of the more well-known superstitions in the UK, but what other sleep superstitions exist? Read more on The Sleep Matters Club.

Do you believe in any of these sleep superstitions? Do you have any of your own?

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