Tom’s Midnight Garden

One of the best children’s books ever written – and worth reading no matter how old you are – Tom’s Midnight Garden is full of magic, mystery and adventure and keeps you guessing until the very end. Tom is sent away for the summer to stay at his aunt’s and uncle’s house and prepares himself for a long spell of deep boredom. Then, one night as he lies awake he hears the grandfather clock in the hall strike – thirteen! He rushes downstairs and out of a back door which usually leads to a scruffy yard, but now opens onto an enchantingly beautiful garden – which unaccountably disappears during the day. Is he dreaming? Is the girl he meets there real or a ghost? Is he the ghost? Beautifully written and full of depth and excitement, this book will entrance you – and its last poignantly moving lines will stay with you forever.

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