The Silver Sword

Set in Poland during the 1940s Nazi invasion, The Silver Sword, based on true historical events, begins with Joseph, a Polish headmaster, arrested by the Gestapo and taken to a prison camp, from which he later escapes. But upon returning to Warsaw, Joseph finds his family gone (his wife has also been arrested, and the three children are in hiding) and their home destroyed. A paper knife (The Silver Sword), once belonging to his wife, now lies in the possession of a pickpocket called Jan. Joseph leaves, intending to follow his family to Switzerland, where he assumes they have fled. But Jan and The Silver Sword form the central thread of the story, as the boy befriends the three children and joins them in their journey in search of their parents. An exciting, tense and often exhilarating story, The Silver Sword follows one family’s challenging journey to safety, and finally back to each other.

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