The Houdini Box

Young Victor is the ultimate wannabe Houdini, although his failed attempts at recreating his idol’s famous feats of magic – escaping from locked trunks, walking through walls – have driven his mum to send him off to his aunt. So when Victor happens to meet a conjuror in a train station, it feels like just the opportunity he has been waiting for – to garner some trade secrets from a real professional. When Victor finally receives a letter inviting him to Houdini’s house, he arrives only to learn that his hero has died, but still – his widow gifts Victor with a small box. What secret from beyond the grave does the box conceal, and will Victor ever open it… ? Brian Seltzer’s black-and-white etchings and economical language bring the enigmatic Houdini fully to life, in a tale for which your children will gladly suspend their disbelief.

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